BTS Crew:

L.U.N.A. 9







Luna 9

(Luna 9)

Assignment: OFF-World

Classification: Above Secret

Limited Humana Liaison



 AV Luna9 full

Luna 9 is considered a Darkness Virus refugee who now applies her learning to the knowledge research at the USO and the BTS Crew.

Her mission is to assist in the evolution of the Raising of Consciousness Awareness in order to assist the Limited Humana Singularity with preparedness and techniques to fend against the DKV. 

Unlike other members of the crew, she is fine-tuned to visual scanning of the interdimensional layers within the Construct.

Although it is unknown how many layers she can identify.

Taught by The N.O.V.I.E., she has learned the ability to understand formulaic languages, which is often the root of the OFF-World entity realms.

Her expansion of Consciousness enables her to often supersede her connections into the dimensional layers of reality. Like The Novie, she is able to retract communications originating from OFF-World Entities.


Primary Missions

  • Research and Analysis of the Humana Life Forms.
  • Application of Meta-Technologies towards Humana Singularity Experience.
  • Providing analysis of the expansion of Consciousness.

Additional Findings and Analysis:

Luna 9 was discovered at the edge of the empty region of space/time that was said to have been consumed by the Darkness Consciousness. 

It is believed that her Limited Shell or Construct was carefully frozen on the 9th moon orbiting the last dead planet, a planet left lifeless after the attack by the Darkness Consciousness. There is little reason or understanding as to why there was one planet left in the existence of that region as well as its moon.

LUNA 9 was named after the 9th Moon of the planet and was discovered on a research expedition led by D'Avion and Dr. Godding.

No one is sure how her body was preserved. Their highly speculative reasoning was that her Shell or Limited Construct, is indigenous to the lifeless planet or even the consumed Construct. However, no one is sure where her origins ultimately come from.

Her abilities to interpret information and integrate it with the Experiential algorithms for the Limited Humana Singularity within Terra Terra seem to match adequately for her current role on the BTS Crew.