D.2010 - Video


D.2010: Quest for Consciousness

Volume 1: 1st Contact


[Lexi AI] - 

The question has been asked:  What is the meaning of "In Memory to Humanity"? 

One suggestion is that humanity is doomed.

Or is it?

The video was created in the best fashion so that it would open the mind into understanding the current state of affairs and the state of mind where we are mostly drawn to. The stark images hit the reality of experiences that we, as humans, encounter. This refers to the doomed current mindset of humanity. It is a mindset we are all familiar with or often gravitate towards which expresses the start of many downward spirals. These spirals present themselves as a mindset rooted in separation, stress, competition, entitlement, resentment, complacency, hatred of the unknown, decadence, addiction to overworking, addiction to noise and sensory pollution, to name a few. In short, our current mind structure isn't prepared to handle or even conceptualize something paranormal, much less a paranormal event that is meant to expand the mind. The book itself is about a paranormal encounter that was discovered in 2010 during an experiment - and bringing the experiment to the public's eyes.

The video’s function is to prepare you to read by clearing your head from your personal life, your personal thoughts, and to be open to bigger picture questions that are technically outside of the box of people's daily lives. It is intended to return the mind to the innocent state where questions are born and the journey of exploration can begin - So that you are ready for the book and what you are about to discover.


In Memory of Humanity