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Welcome to the Resistance:

You are now Humanity's Last Hope



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How Did I Begin My Esoteric Journey?

This can be a tough question to answer, as technology from the moment we exist we are on an esoteric journey, but I would like to shed some light on this topic so that you can understand. Ideally, this might cause you to self-reflect on your own esoteric or spiritual journey.

I think the earliest I started was when I was in my undergraduate program. The program I chose to study involved more than just studying and getting good grades to be a good student. This university required me to read, comprehend, and critically think about various authors and their philosophies on topics ranging anywhere from Ancient Mesopotamia to modern architecture and its effects on poverty behavior and crime in the city, to conceptual mathematics that aligned with poetry and art! Then, we were to synthesize those ideas into new perspectives, write them into a coherent dissertation, and then review it for improvements once it was evaluated by a professor or teacher’s aide. 


Looking back, these critical-thinking papers would hardly make the front page of a junior newspaper. In fact, I don’t think anyone, not even the professors and faculty themselves, expected any of these papers to be published outside of the printers in our dorm rooms or the libraries. But what these assignments, debates, presentations, and vigorous writing sessions did for me was priceless: They ignited the ability for me to critically think, to be open to new perspectives, to present and stand by seemingly contradicting perspectives without feeling offended or undervalued.


They allowed me to ask, “What-if?” They allowed me to also look at the world and say, “What’s with all the struggle?”


After graduation from college, I delved into 2 worlds that caused me to ask more questions about our state of affairs: the world of teaching and the world of self-help.


I’d like to say that being a teacher was a cakewalk compared to being a university student, but any teacher knows that is not true in the least! However, this experience taught me one crucial truth: It is not the knowledge or even the skills you have that people care about. It is about your attitude towards them and your attitude towards life that puts you in the ranks of “being a good person.” Eventually, this is something I held firmly to when I transitioned over to a heavier curriculum of self-help, which eventually led to esoteric knowledge, spiritualism and mysticism, and even…the supernatural!

Esoteric Life in Practice: Enhancing My Personal and Professional Life


Now more than ever, the application of knowledge is essential if we are to truly live life on our terms. Otherwise, all the knowledge, books, films, conferences, and talks we have with our mentors remain just empty philosophy. Even the more modern life coaches such as Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, and Stephen R Covey would agree that learning new concepts and ideas is only truly valuable when you apply it to your own life. Use it or lose it!


In learning the plethora of knowledge that I have, this has never rang more true to me! 


By the time the idea of forming Become the Source had come to me, I had learned firsthand that no amount of passive knowledge could account for experience of the knowledge, if one so chose, and application towards life, to keep being that good person. But just what exactly is a “good person”? This is a highly subjective question, but the conceptual answer carries many commonalities that apply to all walks of life and belief systems:


They are critical thinkers. They are open to new ideas. They are in service to others. They seek first to understand rather than prove they are right. They have high emotional intelligence. They know their skillset is something they can grow within their tolerance and learning curve, but it does not define them. They do not employ fear and separation and power-over techniques to achieve and get ahead in life. They understand the value of tools like money and networking for creating a better world for others - which, in turn, benefits themselves. Most importantly, they know the major difference at what creates their life is their mindset and their attitude, but they also know that tools, networks, resources, skills and knowledge are key in building the life they want to live on their terms.


It is for this reason that I adhere to the perspective that people can become good people - and financially wealthy, and highly skilled, and creative, and critical thinkers, if they apply certain disciplines and concepts found in modern self-help education all the way back to ancient forbidden knowledge. 



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Entity singularity titled ELLE-1 assists with the spirit/mind/body complexes of humanity in relation to the Construct. Entity singularity titled ELLE-1 serves as one of the two ambassadors to OFF-World. Her functionality is to bridge the gap between The Limited Consciousness Humana and Higher Source Consciousness. Entity Singularity titled ELLE-1 contains skills used within the realms of Humana Singularities in the categories of education, governmental structural breakdown, and cross-sectional dissemination for the sake of translating information from The Novie in order to assist Humana Singularities. 

Classification: Hybrid



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  • Wellness Consulting
  • Nutrient Product Consultation
  • Hypnosis
  • ESO-Life Guidance and Consulting

Services Offered

ESO-Life Health

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Kepra - Hypnosis
  • Life Regression
  • Retro Time Entanglement 
  • Reiki 
  • Life Coaching 

Establishing Connectivity

  • Subconscious mind training
  • DreamScaping
  • Life Regression


  • Medium Training
  • Hypnosis Training
  • Learning How to Learn


  • Affiliate Marketing Alliance
  • Revenue Challenge
  •  Social Media Affiliate Marketing




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