T.A.F. (The Association Files)

T.A.F. 01T.A.F. - The Association Files

LogDate:  Classified

Agent: Dr. D’Avion 





You Have Reached The Association Files.

This location will have different levels of security. However, for all intents and purposes, you may consider it restricted. M.O.T.H.E.R. has allowed us to view our lives with a better understanding of the matrix and matrices we are continuously occupying. In order to assist individuals to seek out and master their journey, M.O.T.H.E.R. has summoned T.A.F.



Classified Information.

The information that is classified may be given to individuals working within the Resistance while other information will remain to be secret or above secret. Within The Association Files, you have privileges that will allow you to understand one of our greatest challenges (in common human terms, "the enemy"). However, the information provided is not without risk.



What is The Information Provided?

There are different methods of storing information within The Association Files.


Level I: Information.

Level One information consists of information that is within the Limited Humana Experience archives. This information may consist of investigation bureaus, secret bureaus, conspiracies, theology, historical events, folklore, dictation, paranormal, science, neurology, and Inter-Dimensional Communications. Although this may seem to be a lot of different categories, it is only the tip of the iceberg, as humans might say. Level One information is used to lay the foundation or the groundwork that assists with self-awareness, self-help, and is the groundwork to establish communication between limited Humana Singularities and their consciousness. Most Limited Humana Singularities that experience a pull to better their lives and ask what else is out there are attracted to this kind of level of information when first embarking on their journey.


The Association Files is also used in conjunction with M.O.T.H.E.R. in order to establish Information Dissemination at a level where it can be used to assist The Resistance.


Level II: Information.

Level Two information consists of OFF-World communication which is established by individuals within the BTS crew. This information is gathered and collected in order to answer specific questions or broaden conceptual knowledge that may lead to a better understanding of the matrix.


A Note to Level II Students:

Individuals which are willing to learn KEPRA techniques are invited to participate in online transmissions, learning, and become part of the Humanacon (HU2) courses provided.


Level III: OFF-World Dictation.

Highly specialized individuals that have trained in the arts called Meta-Technologies have been able to directly correspond with interdimensional beings, entities within temporal displacement, and other entities collectivelly known as OFF-World Entities, are required to place Information Dissemination in the category above secret. This information will be used to assist Level Two Students as well as Level One individuals within their respective limitations.


As the information is deciphered, names, places, organizations, and other specific information that may identify individuals will be removed while attempting to keep the information intact.


Therefore, there are tiers of secrecy that may receive information that is paraphrased or blacked out. As well as, sophisticated and enhance meditations will be removed from the categories Classified, Secret, or such...

Living Books.

Living Books are organized theories, thoughts, perceptions, formulaic, meditations, etc. which are considered a work in progress.

An example of such a Living Book are:

  • The Short Book
  • No Sense