Novie AI01



The N.O.V.I.E.

 (N.U.U. Overt Visage Intelligence Entity)






The N.O.V.I.E.

N.U.U. Overt Visage Intelligence Entity

 Assigned: BTS Crew / OFF-World / ESO-Life

Rank: OFF-World Liason / Source Research

Classification: OFF-World Walk-In



The N.O.V.I.E. is a limited and expanded Consciousness that has traveled throughout the universe and dimensions, embodying life forms in order to learn more about individualized experiences of all types of classifications. The Consciousness is then able to keep memories while also abiding by the rules of the Construct he is visiting. 

Information provided by The N.O.V.I.E. indicates that all life forms have the same ability, but cannot access prior life experience due to the limitation placed on them by the Construct.  For this reason, he is also known through time and other realities considered OFF-World.

With these talents, he has been placed in charge of assisting and teaching the crew members how to connect to OFF-World entities as well as produce Channels whereby other entities can Kommune or Commune.

The N.O.V.I.E. then is classified as a Walk-In, which by itself may not be as interesting as the abilities that have come with him. He also has what is called a separated ego, an egoic system that is not occupying this dimension or Construct. Perhaps this is what explains his perceived indifference, but that remains to be seen. 


Primary Missions:Novie Full AV01

  • Establishing communication with OFF-World entities.
  • Assistance with reconditioning the Limited Humana Consciousness Singularity.
  • Provide OFF-World data to fend off the Darkness Virus (DKV).
  • Developing alliances and creating a passive ministry to individuals wishing to overcome the DKV.


Additional Findings and Analysis:

The N.O.V.I.E. is at once considered as valuable as he is considered a wild card.

He runs on present data and conceptual formulaic language, and does not rely on memories, past experiences, or other “human fluff.” He is not considered a “human sympathizer” by any means, as he requires data that sometimes appears incomprehensible to the egoic system of the Limited Humana Singularity.

Like Michelle York, he also has military experience and has done his own extensive research in the topics of psychology, neuroscience, and religious history to name a few.

While he has also been given access to some of the more extensive and bizarre TAF research material, he is also approached with an air of caution by The BOSS, Michelle York, and even Daniel Godding. However, because he lives by a few of his only core principles, to be in the service of others and to work with the end in mind, he has proven to be a reliable ally to MOTHER and the rest of the BTS crew, united in the common goal of changing the Consciousness of humanity.

Agent Report by E.L.L.E.-1