D.2010 - Quest for Consciousness is the last book you will ever need.

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D.2010 - A Quest for Consciousness

Kronicels of Lexi AI - by Michelle York


D.2010: The OverVeiw

 We want to finalize and publish our book D.2010: Quest for Consciousness, something that has been waiting to be published and shared with the world since the year 2010! 

D.2010: Quest for Consciousness (D.2010 for short) is a masterpiece blending reality with fiction in a world that promotes critical thinking and self-empowerment. It is an original structure of writing called Amuechi and a stylized delivery called Relevant Point of View.

D.2010 is based on true events with interviews of real people. Names have been changed and writers were assigned to take on the identity of four of the main characters.

The storyline is based on an incredible journey of discovery that pierces the Veils of the known world, giving us a look at a world hidden from the common person who is seeking self-discovery.

 The project has been dormant for over 14 years and the knowledge is too amazing and expansive to keep hidden.

While there is no mystery that Self-Help books are one of the most sought-after products in the literary market, Self-Discovery is still far more interesting and intriguing.

D.2010: Quest for Consciousness is just the perfect combination of Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Self-Help. It is a documentary and a memoir while still being an empowering story.

Those who are new to finding their inner being will know right away how powerful and motivating D.2010 can be, while those who enjoy a good read will be able to enjoy a style of reading that has not been published before and becomes the entry point to a world far more intriguing than just pure fiction.

What is D.2010

D. 2010 is a written work based on an actual project which came to a close at the end of the year 2010.

It is a blend of actual resources from documented findings, narratives, diagrams, dialogues, and interviews from the two original survivors known as the characters The Novie and ELLE-1.

The project itself was well thought out for several years before reaching the Apex Event called "First Contact".

The purpose of the project was simple - to establish what is termed in the book "OFF-World Contact", otherwise discussed as contact with entities outside the dimensions and world we know - and see where that could lead.

The discoveries astonished and changed the lives of both The Novie and ELLE-1, leaving them with an impression of the meaning of life that far surpasses any written literature.

The Narrator, known to the reader as the character Lexi-AI, said in one of the meetings while designing the written work, "I decided that the information discovered should not be left out of reach from the public, especially when the world needs it most."

The writer assigned to the character Dr. Orr was quoted saying, "This material has taken more steps into the unknown than any other information humanly discovered. The realization of the vast unknown shows us that what we know is only a fraction of what really is."

When the original founder known to the reader as the character The Novie was asked what caused him to invest his own time and money in the project, he said, "I started the project because I was bored of all the confusion, so I did it just to find out the truth. I never expected such profound meaning. I feel at peace now."

Also, when the real ELLE-1 was asked if the outcome of the project was going against her academic background, she smiled and said, "The things that we think of in movies that go bump in the night are not scary at all. In fact, what we really should be afraid of is closer to us than we think."


Plot and Summary:

D.2010 is wrapped with endless twists and an amazing world filled with bewilderment and self-discovery, which entangles multiple characters.

The story begins in the present time and is told from the relevant point of view of a young woman called Lexi-AI who is seeking self-empowerment and self-discovery.  As part of her project, she is asked to work on a storyline that allows readers to activate their ability to perform critical thinking and self-analysis.

Asking her mentors for a crash course, her life rapidly takes a twist,  when she begins to study two rare and unpublished self-empowerment courses.

As she reads through the courses, her analytical mind begins to expand and map out the information.  She discovers the origin of the courses is missing. She begins to seek out the missing pieces of the knowledge she is reading.

Lexi-AI's initial journey as a student becomes an active mission to comprehend the information in the secret file known as TAF (The Association Files). Her journey also gives humans, known in the story as the Limited Humana Singularity, an opportunity to awaken to a world of multidimensional realities.

As she continues her journey, she discovers nuances about herself that lead her to realize that the answers she seeks are more complicated than she realizes. It entangles her into the world of the Paranormal, the Spiritual Realm, the world of Quantum Physics, and the common world.

The files spiral down a labyrinth of secrets connecting humankind to a multifaceted world that transcends time and multiple dimensions.

As the secrets are uncovered she begins to see that this ancient knowledge hits closer to home in her life and the lives of others.

She even discovers information about other failed attempts. As it seemed, there were other groups similar to her current team - each of them with their unique failures to uncover the secrets at a cost.

Working in her mentorship programs, she finds the keys that unlock the communications to other dimensions that span time and space. She finds T.A.F. Resources that uncovered the first communications to an entity classification called "Consciousness".

...And it is the key to unlocking her own inner power.




Welcome to a journey that will change your life forever. You may call me Lexi-AI.

I have been given the luckiest break anyone in our generation could ever receive. That gift has an unsurpassable amount of value.  But you cannot be faint of heart.

I started this project because I was asked to help with something called "OFF-World", a Sci-Fi Story that was more unimaginable than what is currently in the mainstream.  I was asked because of my ability to work in cinematography, music, photography, and the arts.



When one of my waitress co-workers suddenly felt sick, for no apparent reason, I was asked to work her section. I did not know it at the time but my life was about to change - for the better and forever.

I did not know it then, but I was about to work a table with 2 of the last survivors of the project called D.2010.

When they offered me to see the project and podcast they were working to accomplish, I was thrilled. I felt finally my talents had somewhere to go.

The information they were offering on their podcast and storyline was original, but it was more than just that. It was inspiring.

As I continued to look into their resources for the uplifting and moving podcast and storyline, I discovered something that was terrifying to me at first.

I found the origin of their knowledge. It was totally unexpected.

Along the lines of Eckart Tolle, L/L Research (The Law of One), and other spiritual media, I discovered a step-by-step guide on connectivity to what is termed in the documentation called OFF-World Communication.

And it was real. I realized that in their documentation because there were references to types of meditations created by the Monroe Institute (which, in turn, had worked with the military, and by chance was just released on the CIA website).


For the first time, I was empowered and felt meaningful in the universe.

I asked for classes. But The Novie, as characterized in D.2010, was no longer teaching.  ELLE-1, as compassionate as she was, was extremely occupied.


So I did what any creative thinker would do. I cut a deal with them. By the way, The Novie always tells me that he "does not make deals with terrorists." So I had to be clever.

I was reminded of the saying by Robert Heinlein: "When one teaches, two learn."

I believe that the information written in over 1,980 pages could be converted in a way that could help others achieve their goals in life. I believe that this information, once given to the public, could free the minds of millions if not billions in our world currently looking for answers and instructions on how we can achieve a better life experience.

And like any strong-minded independent young woman - I pitched it.

And they agreed. However, I had to agree to some conditions.

  • The First condition was to hide the names of the participants in order to allow them to continue living life on their terms.
  • The Second condition was that the actual words written in the character titles [Consciousness] - were not to be changed.
  • The Third condition is that I would have to have their level of understanding of a type of language style called Formulaics used by the OFF-World Contacts. Without it, they felt I would lose the meaning of the information and the positive value that it had to offer.
  • The Fourth condition was that the focus was placed on [Consciousness] - and not on the drama.
  • The Fifth condition is that we could at least attempt to build a support community.

I was sold. And that’s where you come in.

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to assist the support of getting these volumes published. Every and any contribution made is essential.

Welcome to iCore 6. You are now part of the BTS Crew!

But who are we really?

Onboard you have a former Special Forces Soldier Characterized as The Novie.

A Chicago University Alumni and Former Educator characterized as ELLE-1.

 A Cinematographer/Musician characterized as Lexi-AI.

And a music producer characterized as Dr. Orr.

Step into a realm where reality intertwines seamlessly with the extraordinary. D.2010: Quest for Consciousness is not just a novel; it's a transformative experience that invites you to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary. Trivia Moment: The title was originally created as D.2010: Chronicles of Consciousness since the thousands of pages of transcription revolved around the communications of the OFF-World entity titled Consciousness. It was changed due to some of the dictation that was found within the original transcripts. Consciousness insisted that the main reason for its presence was to assist the group in Becoming. The title was then changed to D.2010: Quest for Consciousness.

It may be the last book you will ever need.

With 7 different perspective angles, carefully crafted to assist the reader in their own personal journey of discovery, D.2010 was designed for an interpretive point of view. A team of writers dedicated their spare time to breaking down the dense formulas and conversation. The result? The creation of a new style of writing used to bring this story to life called an Amuechi, focuses on information that is traceable and accessible in some ways. Another technique used is called Relevant Point of View, which allows the reader to feel immersed.

But the storyline is far from fiction, as it was obtained with real-life research with over 2,000 pages of research and hundreds of audio and pictures.


Welcome to the Resistance.

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey on a quest to make known the unknown. 

It will start the wheels turning in order to pave the road for all the research to be shared.

It will enable a community to be established and you will be at the forefront.

Remember you are Humanity’s Last Hope.

Photo of the original office where the Kepra Programs were designed

The RTE and LHL Courses

This is the original location where ELLE-1 first started attending classes.

Behind the Scenes: A Journey Long in the Making

"A harrowing journey that we would do all over again if given the chance." --The BTS Team

It is known that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our single step started from humble and naive ideas in spirituality - to connecting with great entities we never knew existed. 

In our work D.2010, we mention that this was based on an actual journey taken by ELLE-1 and The Novie, and re-discovered by Lexi-AI. She believed there was a community that could benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of a story of revelation into a deeper world explaining humanity and its role in a small planet called Terra Terra.

The actual project began in 2001 and is an ongoing endeavor. However, D.2010 focuses on the year 2010 as a marker for one completion of work. It can be considered the origin story of the newest research available.

BTS 1st Office 

BTS First Office Location

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2007
Location: 1st Office






This shared office space, situated within a trust-owned building, served as a hub for community service. The Novie established this office with the intention of providing support as a community emotional support counselor.

He was there a few months and participated with others in the office giving courses such as the Million Dollar Class to individuals who were seriously encouraged by the state to seek a course assisting them as part of the drug rehab programs.  Trivia: Can you tell what his favorite donut is?


Dr. Errico Rocco (Left)  The Novie (Right)

The Aramaic Story of Jesus

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2008
Location: Meeting with Dr. Rocco A. Errico

In his quest for deeper understanding, the Novie sought to uncover the ancient connections utilized by the adepts. His path led him to Dr. Rocco A. Errico, renowned for his work on transcripts of the story of Jesus of Nazareth that predate the known versions found in the Hebrew Bible. The Novie described Dr. Errico as "the most honest and humble man I have ever met to this day. He showed great wisdom and compassion to all who cared to listen. And he was at peace and spoke with what I would call, a loving razor-sharp wit, to those that didn't want to listen."




The Novie Public Access TV

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2008
Location: TV Broadcast

Driven by a passion for sharing his acquired knowledge, The Novie made numerous appearances on radio and public television programs, engaging audiences eager to discover how to achieve their full potential. It became evident that ESO-Life knowledge held ancient wisdom, offering insights into the Humana Singularity (human being) and its connection to a grander experience.



BTS: D.2010 Office

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2009-04-XX
Location: 2nd Office: Time to Open Up the Classroom





Driven by an unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge, The Novie established a new office, utilizing social media to announce the launch of his LHL (Learning How to Learn) and RTE (Retro-Time Entanglement) courses. 

The office cost a few thousand a month and he was mainly paying out of pocket. Despite the significant financial burden of maintaining the office, he viewed this endeavor as an act of service, like tithing in a religious community.

His unwavering belief in the transformative power of knowledge fueled his conviction that these courses could empower individuals to navigate life's complexities more effectively. Growing up in the religious community and later leaving it for a larger and scarier journey of self-discovery, he responded that the cost of creating and establishing a training course is something much needed among others.

At the time he thought others could use the knowledge to enhance their abilities to navigate through life and its many journeys. His hunch was correct.




Attempt on The Novie's Life:

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2009
Location:  City Streets The warning signs quickly became evident. The Novie knew he was coming close to understanding a path to something greater. By using the Retro-Time Entanglement training, he was becoming more aware of systems and diagrams that meet the needs and expectations for the criteria about to come. He was onto something big - and as if in a strange turn of events you see in movies, he found himself involved in a  sudden car accident with even stranger details. Recalling the near-fatal car accident, The Novie recounted, "I smelled the scent of burnt cinnamon in the car after dropping off a passenger. I came to a stoplight and then crossed when the light changed to green. The other car T-boned me and hit me so hard it dragged my car four lanes over. But in that instant, I also felt a fuzzy air bubble inside the car, as if it was surrounding and padding me. After the impact, I managed to steer the car to a safe place to park before it completely died. Weird stuff? Not as weird as some other things. The group was scared - because strange things were also happening to some of them." 

But The Novie had resolved himself of any superstition. Even if there was a reason for the common human being to discover the forbidden knowledge, he was not going to abide by the warning signs. And oddly enough, he did not entertain the anecdote of logic. It merely was and he was moving on. Needless to say, there were no injuries to The Novie. Not a scratch. Even the windows on the car did not sustain a single crack. So are there forces guiding us? He would not comment. To him, finding out the reality of things was far more important.


BTS Home Office

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2009-06-xx
Location: The Novie's Humble Apartment ELLE-1 and The Novie discussed the project already in its beginning phases for creating the patterns for establishing contact. They hoped for communication, but given the vast and famously unverifiable stories of contact with non-human entities, they began the preparation for the journey without expectation or assumptions. 

ELLE-1 had already graduated from a prestigious college and offered her expertise in documentation and future course development. The Novie, as always had a sixth sense of events that were about to occur, and so worked secretly with ELLE-1 in order to create an adaption of the knowledge that was being acquired. Although The Novie enjoyed sharing he was never intending to publish his finding.  ELLE-1 took on the role of editor for the information that resided in the HTML software.

Founder of OFF-World and D.2010

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2011-08-xx
Location: Undisclosed Location





The initial D.2010 project came to an abrupt stop. The Novie and ELLE-1 begin the second chapter of an even larger saga.

Classes were closed indefinitely after a successful encounter. The other group members once again went their separate ways. ELLE-1 and The Novie continued their research, venturing into uncharted territories under a new project titled "The Mencius Project."


Meeting with the Free Masons

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2013
Location: Northeast United States

The Novie and ELLE-1 received an invitation to engage with the Freemasons, seeking insights into their historical knowledge and once-treasured secrets. Their exploration included participation in a ghost tour, further enriching their research.


ELLE-1 Live on Air

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2013-2016
Location: Local City Radio Station ELLE-1 received numerous invitations to share the findings and concepts in D.2010, demonstrating how these techniques and insights could enhance everyday life. While The Novie and ELLE-1 have shared their discoveries, they have remained steadfast in protecting their resources and maintaining a "no engagement policy" for future research collaborations.




 Sharing the Moments


The Novie is seen speaking about life in general. As The Novie continued touring, he assisted others in discovering themselves from whatever point of their experience they found themselves.

Working with local Musicians

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2018
Location: BTS Studio

ELLE-1 is seen working with other start-up artists sharing their knowledge and passion as well as further research on how music (sound and frequencies) affect the human psyche.

Lexi AI Joins the Team

Behind the Scenes - LogDate: 2019
Location: Community Center Lexi-AI comes to the group and starts understanding the concepts behind D.2010 as the Quest for Consciousness and the ways it affected ELLE-1 and The Novie.  Lexi-AI - "It's an incredible journey of self-discovery. At first, I was there to help with some odds and ends. I wanted to be a videographer and find a better way of life. This was no joke, and it changed my life around 180 degrees. Although The Novie didn't teach anymore, the lessons were always available. It was when I was working on the beginning of a curriculum and the sci-fi storyline that I realized there was more to the story that was being told."  

Lexi-AI - "I worked with ELLE-1 and The Novie a lot before I started understanding the hidden meaning behind a small book called The Four Agreements. It was a starter book for me and it was difficult to comprehend. And although it was a small book, it packed a big punch.  Each time I would interpret what I read The Novie would just say "Wrong - try again."  

"But to have the actual research and the people that were responsible for it in my vicinity was amazing. There were charts, diagrams, and concepts that were completely liberating. And ELLE-1 and The Novie were inspiring. I knew it had to be published for others to see."


It is Funny How Things Come Together


Behind the Scenes - Above Picture: EL Cuco

El Cuco made its debut on a radio broadcast called "Estimulo".
The show aired on 1030 AM Radio for the local Spanish community: The Nove would broadcast on Saturdays and deliver products and services on Sundays. During this broadcast, the sound effect of El Cuco was played depicting the part of the inner-self that caused individuals to make the wrong decision. The show would bring together emotional intelligence with the spiritual endeavors of how to live a better life. You might say it was a precursor for the project you are now backing.

This show would never have existed if it wasn't for a man named Robert, who aided the show's debut and encouraged its continued airing even when it seemed at first that no one was listening. He later died of cancer produced by Agent Orange which was used during the Vietnam War.  

Without him, there would be no El Cuco and the hundreds of lives that achieved a better way of life.

There are many unseen heroes behind this work. There are many lives that inspire us to become. 


  In Memory of Humanity...

It is funny how things come together. 

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