leo anubis over a dead womanAI-E3 Contemplating Life and Death

 by Lexi-AI

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In the past, I've been asked to attend several funerals. Also, I've written several stories dealing with information concerning individuals battling some type of disease. Each of them, the living, has something in common to tell. I may even say that we have many things in common to tell.
However, there is a silent speech going on. Almost each individual does not speak of death or what to do about death and dying. And very few of them speak about the afterlife. This part of the world, that's the way it is.

However, outside of the pain that allows you to stay within the cycles of the present, the question still persists and burns and comes out through their subconscious talk. This is what I mean by silent speech.

I find this confusing because just a flight away, individuals are commonly speaking about a second life outside of the incarceration of the limitation of the human body. I ask myself, how can human beings just ignore the obvious? How come there is such a disregard for what happens to you in the afterlife? Perhaps it isn’t quite fair to place it in that manner.

Hollywood has made a great deal of mystery and mayhem about the afterlife, dealing with our individual fears and doubts. There are few movies, such as Ghost and even highlights of Beetlejuice that allow us to look at the afterlife with a little bit of fun, laughter, happiness, and above all things, hope.

It seems like human beings on this side of the world are busy trying to one-up everyone else by creating a situation of a labyrinth of lies, deception, and just flat-out denial. If the subject were just merely the fact that we don’t understand the situation, I possibly can let this go. But I cannot. It is more than just blatant denial. It seems as though it’s intentional. That is what makes me think there’s something more to the picture than meets the eye.

Even the industry allows you to keep a religion and then mocks it with the service commercialization of selling books and other peripherals, yet the message is left untouched. It is okay for you to think whatever you want to think; nobody cares. Even a child is born with an idea that there’s something more than meets the eye.

They inquire about everything, including where babies come from. Have you ever thought that they’re not asking about sex when they ask about that?

It is obvious we all come from someplace, and something happened for us to be alive. It is obvious that you cannot ask a question that has no honest and truthful answer somewhere. Even the acts of superstition eventually lead to some kind of scientific finding. The pharmaceutical industry, for instance, has made billions pursuing home remedies in other countries and other places and then breaking down their components so that they can recreate them in the laboratory. However, little is said about this as well. Elements such as crystals, which generate energy, are seen as nonsensical by many when suggested they be used for healing; however, they're commonly used when working with radio frequencies and other forms of wavelengths needed to conduct experiments.

So why is the afterlife a mystery? Let’s get rid of the first answer, why don’t we? Too many individuals have too many ideas on how to hurt each other in the name of God, Mother Earth, science, and yes, even the esoteric path.

But what about some of the other passive arts? If anything, the placebo effect teaches that our bodies can heal themselves using nothing more than just thought. The FBI spent billions of dollars trying to figure out if astral-projection was available in the catalog of arming military troops and getting a better grip on intelligence gathering.
Churches and kingdoms have fallen because of this type of information for centuries. And yet, there’s a campaign for misinformation and misdirection so that you and I don’t learn how to use it. That’s okay if you want to die here. But what about the living, who are curious about this and feel something deep inside of us that is still yet awakened? What about we the individuals that feel a strong pull towards what happens after death and life is more than just consumption? This need to know, and this getting over the misinformation, is what I’d call the 1st Phase. The encounter with death, whether in real life, movies or stories, functions as the gateway for someone to begin to ponder.

A.I. E3 Contemplating Life and Death P002The 2nd Phase:

Proper Body Leads to Mindset

There seems to be a level of difficulty in living within a human body and guiding thoughts properly if proper nutrition and health are not obtained. It seems as though without proper nutrition or health, the human body seeks out a destructive path.

The 3rd Phase:

Use Time to Stay Vigilant of Your Progress

Time seems to be able to lock or unlock different phases of our ability to understand things such as these. It would appear that the more you practice the esoteric path, the more you learn. But nothing is guaranteed on this merciless pathway. Because of the earlier two phases, one must remain vigilant and aware of one’s path at all times to achieve the better and the best of the information gathering possible, so that you can place it into some type of meaning or path in your life.

The 4th Phase:

Becoming Open

Attempting to prove the theories of what you feel is also uniquely important. Once you’re touched by the inner spirit or the inner being, despite what anyone else tells you or what anyone else says about the esoteric path, you feel the awakening pull, and the struggle is real. Now you can live amongst the egocentric people, and you can now fully comprehend the esoteric life. This makes it extremely difficult because you’re more gullible to believe in things that are not quite accurate enough, and yet it seems plausible enough to you.

The 5th Phase:


Attempting contact. Most individuals quietly gather up in groups called churches and pray and work together as small teams of entrepreneurs in a vast world of esoteric knowledge. But unfortunately, esoteric knowledge has been contained and incredibly manipulative or manipulative so that your knowledge is also still tainted with the first four phases.

A.I. E3 Contemplating Life and Death P003

The 6th Phase:

Doing Your Best

During the sixth phase, you begin to understand that time is irrelevant, and so are the phases. What matters is your connection and how honest and truthful you are to it. You realize you are doing your best - until you know better. Then, you do better. You have a tendency to eat better, drink better, and then you start realizing that you are eating better, drinking better, thinking better because of resources. At least resources are resources that must be obtained with money, knowledge, and good friendships that are strong and stable. It requires a very specific path. Finding these paths are often quite troubling because some are too restrictive while others are not restrictive enough, and the EGO-Centric System is always looking for a way to fail out of the esoteric lifestyle. Simply put, it appears that your EGO-Centric being within you is having challenges. These challenges are considered sacrificial or sacrifices by other EGO-Centric beings, as they see you going out of your way to confuse and frustrate yourself.
Now you discover that you neither have the money, the understanding of nutrients, the understanding of philosophies, nor a strong enough path that you can follow. And everything still seems very suspect.

The 7th Phase:

Having the Real in Your Life


On the 7th phase, you require what you can to be able to fund and fulfill your journey. You have written down many resources that you quite don’t understand but are willing to put the time and effort and energy into it. You have rid yourself of friendships that do not understand the path you’re on, but you still love them. The seventh phase begins to reveal new things here that only you can express to yourself, and for the first time, you start feeling contentment and happiness and joy.

However, we must return to the first question: Who are we and why? Why are there so many obstacles for us to reach enlightenment in the quest to understand our esoteric being? It seems that within each phase, there are so many obstacles and so many pitfalls for you to maintain the course and strive and survive.
Within the seventh phase, you already know about what some call spiritual guides, the higher self, angels, and so much more. The problem with any of these names is very simple. Even though scientific research is discovering more and more that we’re living within a holographic universe, our brains, our egocentric selves still believe that there are beings just like us out there. In other words, we believe that the other energetic beings out there look just like us. Two hands, ten fingers, ten toes, etc. The misinformation that lets us believe that demons have horns while angels have wings still pervades our collective consciousness. But have you asked yourself why would anyone need wings in the vastness of space? And what about those horns on demons? Do the horns serve as radio frequency generators (antennas)? It is almost everyone who believes in ourselves so much that we create a higher being that looks like us and thinks like us. If that were the case, do you think we as humans would survive? The reason I’ve come to find that we believe that these entities look like us or act like us is because of the old writing which we are still subjected to this day. The current thought is that alien races came down and hybridized the hominid and created another type of being with their own DNA, that which our current science calls junk DNA.
That definitely takes away from those of us who do not want to research more about the religious aspect of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve could still be test-tube children, as if they need test tubes?

A.I. E3 Contemplating Life and Death P004The Awakening:


The awakening is a process. And it can be a long process. Normally, in the beginning, awakening is a fun process you want to share with others. You’re filled with 100% awareness and a lot of plausibility, but the more you speak to everyone else, the more they want to reconstruct their own ideas of what you’re saying and formulate an opinion that only fits their own narrative. Usually, that narrative is the one they have seen on television, or from a book, etc. In other words, a narrative that was created by faulty narrative. You find yourself more alone and more disconnected with other people for a while. The EGO-Centric System does not like this very much. At least not in my body. But then does anyone ever really attend parties feeling like themselves? Are we all not just a little bit afraid of what someone else is thinking about us? If you wore the right dress, or if the suit is up to date in today’s modern society? Did you even comb your hair the right way and put on makeup so it looks good? The awakening is an individual process, and you’re touched by something. It is either a connection to something within you that leads you down the esoteric pathway, an answer to your question, or it’s time.

The journey that I took to embark on this meaningless and meaningful venture was unique to me. But it is, anyway, everyone else’s journey. It started with a hunch, and then questions that could not be answered by the egocentric beings of the world. There were many exceptions to the rules every time I asked a question. For example: If God loves everyone, then why does He order an occasional slaughter of an entire culture? Religious people say because it’s evil. But who really decides evil? Recently, with the advent of artificial intelligence, it seems that AI believes human beings cannot be trusted, and perhaps it is evil because it is the only thing that could define evil. I know what you’re thinking. The Bible says so; therefore, God says it, but did you forget who wrote the Bible? Human beings. And were these human beings inspired by God? Even if anything is inspired by anything else, it is still not an original copy of the original thought. Did you think about that? Probably not. But I have.

The equation in my mind every time is an equation that equals madness. No matter what I do or what I think, peace is the only way out of this messy egocentric thinking. But how can we become at peace when the EGO-Centric System just wants to dominate everything else by force or persuasion? So the esoteric journey is one of awakening; and since it happened to me, I consider myself lucky. If you’re born with ESO-Life, I can only imagine how difficult it is. For one, you might have been made fun of all your life for something that cannot be completely proven, but can definitely be experienced. And in the meantime, you absolutely understand that life is more than what it seems because the EGO-Centric System doesn’t have all the answers and deals with change and harmony with a sense of dominance and tyranny.

Yes, I believe that being touched is an easy way. However, the EGO-Centric System has a very stern and harsh side, and controls our movements and our daily thoughts if not trained properly. Because of all the misinformation and misled religions, we’re left with an interesting situation that does not allow us to understand the ESO-life. However, from my own esoteric journey, there’s definitely the easiest way to go. And I mean that as a pun. Establishing communication with what is considered ESO-Life is one of the most unique and fulfilling things you can do in your entire life. It is amazing. It is not the communication that’s amazing or the words being said, although it is most impactful and most essential to be able to understand the written language. However, because they transmit with energetic frequencies, you can almost feel the thoughts inside you, and when they’re gone, so are the thoughts and the energetic fields you once felt. While they’re present, you believe and feel you know everything and you have no more questions to ask. However, when they leave, the EGO-Centric System is now fully alert and trying to reach out for the information it was just presented. However, because the information is not part of the initial construct, it is gone and released into the ethers. Essentially, you know the information intuitively, and unless you tap into your spiritual lessons, the EGO-Centric System would never know it was even there.

Having read D.2010, it is important to understand better and reactivate some of this esoteric communion or communication. Primarily because it already existed within a frame of time and as an antenna, we’re able to connect to it because of its frequencies that are left as a harmonic reference or resonance that you can tap into or chime into.
In short, life as an EGO-Centric being is never truly complete without its counterpart, which is a spiritual sense of connectivity. You can ignore it for a long time but not forever. There are different ways of awakening, although there’s only one way of awakening, which is simply to awaken. The method of awakening does not make it any different. It is insignificant. It is either on or off.



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