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Welcome to Ellie EQ (Emotional intelligence)

Have you ever wondered why some people get what they want in life while others have to struggle more for it?

Have you ever wondered if attitude or health has a big impact on your lifestyle?

Have you ever wondered if There is a spiritual side to you? Or if you can actually communicate with your inner self or higher being?


Ellie Talks  EQ, is a very sophisticated look at life and its complications. Rather than offering vague answers to rather complicated and very specific questions. Ellie Talks EQ, breaks away from the biases that we've all been taught.

Do you want an example?

A progressive preacher once asked is congregation a question. The question was simple in nature but the level of complexity was deeper than the congregation could handle at that time and that moment.

So what was that question?

Story Time

First, you use a technique to propose a question as an absolute. Such as he mentioned, "Cleanliness is next to godliness". The congregation nodded and agreed, well some of the others slept during the commotion.

He then said "I said cleanliness is next to godliness."  the congregation answered more lively this time. He followed with, "Which one of you prestigious and enlightened individuals can find that in the bible for me? Let's do an exercise, The first person to find out for me forget $50. Right now and right here from my very own pocket." The congregation was enamored by his charisma and his way of being. They immediately started to search (Minus those who were sleeping).

After about 5 minutes the temperature began to rise Within the congregation. Doubt started to set in with the sum. At the same time, others had the onset of frustration.

The preacher then responded with "My brothers and sisters I have a confession to make." the only bible that has those words within it is mine. I couldn't righteously sit here and lie to you. I didn't want to break your trust. So I wrote it on a napkin and placed it in my bible. so therefore the only bible that has those words in it is mine. We are accustomed to listening vicariously and believing everything we see and do not because we want to but because of repetition. Edward Bernays nephew to Sigmund Freud once said if you tell a lie long enough you will believe it.

Moral of the Story

Contrary to popular opinion, an individual cannot possibly learn everything they need to learn by reading. It is impractical to learn everything by experiencing it physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ellie Talks EQ, takes a deep dive into Humanities interaction with experience and living.


Based on True Event

Ellie EQ  is based on true events, findings, conversations, and practical experiences. Ellie EQ, is an Amuechi Based on the platform that integrates critical thinking to create a better life.