BrainSnax [S1E02]: TBSOL - Living a Bad Memory


Transmission: S1E02: TBSOL

Transmission Title: Living A Bad Memory:

Transmission: ELLE-1 and The Novie are asked by M.O.T.H.E.R. to transmit and explore a BrainSnax transmission to the survivors of the Darkness Virus.


Are we living our bad Memories? Exploring how the brain uses memory and chooses it to relive it again and again. But what happens when we live out our bad memories over and over? How does the Darkness Virus use that to unravel our being? Are there any Solutions The survivors of the darkness virus can use in order to overcome this unnecessary threshold of chaos?


Transmission window opens for 10 minutes and counting.


 Based on the Amuechi: OFF-World


May You Become The Source