BrainSnax [S1E05]: TAF - Mirrors


Title: Mirrors:

Agent: Luna 9

MID: Description


Welcome to another exciting episode of The Association Files entitled Mirrors.


Commonly we know mirrors to be something where we can see a reflection. A place to comb your hair and get prepared for the day in the general public. Unlike back in the mirror where you contemplate yourself for public viewing, today we're discussing your internal contemplation.


According to some of the documentation we have researched such as in Heru, A Course in Miracles, and The Association Files, all things that we can see with their eyes are mirrors. The people that you see each day are part of you in one way or another. It's time we take a moment to reflect on that which we see or interact with, we tend to have a self-contemplation which subconsciously creates a change that may lead to new habits in our lives.


What we like about mirrors:

  • Normally we enjoy seeing ourselves to know the people and we call this being around like-minded individuals.
  • We enjoy comfortability, reliability, patterns that are predictable, and it can be said that we enjoy obtaining control of our lives based on these patterns and people and things that surround us.

Although there's nothing wrong with that what are some of the downfalls?


For starters, there can be a pattern of self-consumption where you can only see ourselves with the people and the things surrounding us which may cause a great deal of stagnation in one's evolutionary mindset and spirituality.

So what can we really do? What can be some of the safe margins for someone that wishes to grow and continue to grow?


Based on the Amuechi: OFF-World.


May You Become The Source