BrainSnax [S1E06]: TAF - Is Your Body Your Identity?


Transmission: To the survivors of the Darkness Virus.

The question has been asked: Is your body your identity?


TAF begins to answer one of the complicated questions that cause physiological imprisonment.

The BTS Team begins to share their knowledge and observation on a very common human condition where most humans believe that they are their bodies.


The team discusses some of the metaphysical components of the oneness of all things and living within the singularity complex.

This first takes at understanding the social and physical complexities of the dangers of believing in both the separation of the body with oneself and the unification of the body being an intricate part of oneself.


Are we self-inflicting our own stagnation? What are some of the limitations of believing that you are your body? How do you know when you are consumed with the thought that you are only your body? Most importantly where are the dangers of believing that the physical matter is all there is? How does one begin to see beyond the limitations, so one can unlock the secret power in each one of us?


This BrainSnax covers the beginning of an intellectual MemJogger in Season of the Construct and is a very important starting point when considering how to unlock the inner power and the inner strength within you.


Based on the Amuechi: OFF-World.


May You Become The Source