BrainSnax [S1E13]: TBSOL – Cluttered Room, Cluttered Mind?


Transmission: To the survivors of the Darkness Virus


The question has been asked: Does a messy room distract you? 

There you are, about to write the next great novel or hit the books and knock out that study session, or take a break at the end of the day to meditate...but that pile of books and clothes...Just. Keeps. Getting. Your ATTENTION...!!! 


But wait! Isn't a messy room and cluttered desk a sign of genius? Then why aren't you a genius yet?  And why are you still too aggravated and distracted to do anything? 


How does a messy room actually stop you from being successful? And can you do anything about it? Tune in to hear what the BTS Crew has to say! 


Based on the Amuechi: OFF-World


May You Become The Source