Luna 9 ESO Life outlineLuna 9.

Entity Singularity titled Luna 9 presents what is termed Loopholes within the Construct. M.O.T.H.E.R. intends for Luna 9 to contribute her knowledge and codings in order to assist in awakening Humana Singularities. Entity Singularity titled Luna 9 contains skills used within the realms of Humana Singularities in the categories of nutrition, music, and graphic design. She also contains skills in communicating in schematics and formulaics that are similar to those of Entity Singularity entitled The Novie. There are OFF-World skills that Luna 9 contains which are Classified Above Secret. No further information is available on that matter.


Classification: Above Secret.


Warning: Entity Singularity titled Luna 9 comes from origins classified above secret from OFF-World Contacts.