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   Dr. Orr


It has been known to humanity that it has been under surveillance. The master consciousness, which most humans share only in a fraction of a fraction, was purposefully cracked into fragments in order to experiment with the potential of God and Time within Duality and Life. However, the fractals were carefully supervised by the Watchers who, when the time was right, could intervene with those to know the coded language of light and love. 

In the past, civilizations have been helped by extraterrestrials known as Brothers to sift through the chaos and the Darkness Virus and ascend into a higher mindset and consciousness and live better lives. In some cases, these Brothers have been known as Gods in various languages. In other cases, they have been known as Demons. Brothers from other regions of the universe contributed their knowledge to Terra Terra in order to allow for the expansion of the Mind of Source that was to be carefully molded to each individual creation. 


The Story Begins With a Flash of Light…..

The adventure will be challenging but how bright can the light emit?


Age 0 - 11

Born into this world with a new opportunity to contribute, Dr. Orr, named by his Mother’s Aunt opens his eyes! He was a happy baby who did not cry (Interesting) so mom would scare him just to see him cry. His family and those around him saw that he was a very bright kid reading newspapers upside down while using the bathroom as he mimicked the adults around him. The world he lived in was fascinating and he had the urge to grasp everything around him and feel everything he possibly could - although pain, fear, and suffering were also a part of what he was seeking to grasp.D2 DrOrr5V1

And his environment was filled with both, being that before birth, his 22-year-old mother and father were not in a relationship. This ended up aligning his mother with the harsh reality of raising this child as a single mother. His father was very caring and loving but selfish in a sense that he continued to go off to college and pursue his goals. His mother, a very nurturing but tough and resilient person, stopped at nothing to provide for this bright light. Dr. Orr, now  2 years old, is presented with another guardian: His mother’s boyfriend.

Troubled since his youth, resorting to drugs, and the inability to manage his anger, this boyfriend would be the influence that presented Dr. Orr with a reality filled with screaming, domestic violence, anger, fear, anxiety, and just an extreme way of living. So with a very loving mother, a loving father who was seldom present in his youth, and a scolding father figure in the home, Dr. Orr began the next stage of his life.  There were times when his mother and her boyfriend were happy and at ease with life. These were times that Dr. Orr was able to enjoy the societal norms such as playing with his siblings, enjoying outside, cookouts with family, going to school and making friends, and learning things from his mother, father, and father figure. Looking back on it, these were times that Dr. Orr would say were "aligned with harmony."

Then there were times that were more aligned with suffering: his mother and her boyfriend would disagree or were not on the same page as the core cause. Dr. Orr then experienced his mother being abused verbally and physically, him and his siblings being punished with physical and verbal abuse, his father figure at times going to jail, and a lot of things we would call "unpleasant memories." Of course, there were also the cultural conditionings that Dr. Orr obtained such as learning about the existence of systemic racism, a limited point of view of other races, fighting, violence, drugs, and gangs. On more of the positive side, there were also huge family gatherings, soul food, strong family bonds, and all of the things that African-Americans do in their culture that are unique from other races. With this reality developing, Dr. Orr had an adventure full of surprises and obstacles to experience. 


As a young boy, Dr. Orr was always fascinated by science, science fiction, ghosts, aliens, and anything that was outside the limitations of his reality. These things did not make him afraid enough to halt his interest nor did the fear allow for the conditioning that they do not exist. To him, there was always the possibility that ghosts, aliens, and the other myths in books did exist. Movies were an excellent way for him to step outside of his reality and use his imagination to experience other lifestyles, see problems and resolutions, as well as learn from complex situations. He would watch movies that resonated with him multiple times and the initial viewing would be a way for him to ask all the questions he had to whoever adult he was watching with. Once he obtained his own understanding he would watch the movies over and over until he felt that he could in some way live in the way the characters would live that he found to be aligned with his desires. Between the ages of 9 and 11, he would become very intrigued by fear and how it can be used for fun. Of course, most children like him liked scary stories and watching scary movies but to Dr. Orr, these things became mundane as if he experienced enough of it and wanted to take the driver’s seat to these experiences he either read about or watched in movies. For example, during this age, he encountered an opportunity to do just that. He had a sister that was about 4 at the time and of course, little girls love to play with dolls. One night he was awakened by a noise in the closet that strangely no one heard but him. With a bit of fear he got out of bed in his darkroom he shared with his younger brother and went into the dark closet. There he found one of his sister’s dolls, knowing right away it was not there when his mom told him to clean his room before bed. Movies like Chucky and others with possessed dolls immediately gave him the idea that this doll could be alive. For some strange reason getting this doll to interact with him was more important than what the doll could possibly do to him if it was alive. He wanted to show his outside world that these things do exist and so he closed the closet door and sat with the doll in complete darkness. The doll never came to life or made any noises but in this darkness, even though his eyes were not closed he began to see a light in the distance illuminating as if IT were alive. This light was pulsing as if it was communicating to him or trying to tell him something. The more he focused on the light the further away it would get and soon it was complete darkness again. Then something else happened, he opened his eyes to find himself sitting up in his bed as if he dreamt it all. But he was aware that he did not close his eyes before this and felt as if he went somewhere else in the closet and ended up back on his bed. 


Age 12 - 18

Life became more exciting from there, whether it be good times or bad times. This was no matter what the current situation was at home for Dr. Orr. 


Age 19 - 34

The few selected individuals of Become the Source were entrusted with the Knowledge of Life as well as the Knowledge of the Spirit. This knowledge, once understood and embraced, could enable the connection between the entity, the self, and that which is the all-encompassing consciousness. The Become the Source team decided to create The BOEK (The Book of Esoteric Knowledge) so that humanity would have a way back to Zero Point once more and created a Broadcast to reach The Resistance as they are indeed Humanity’s Last Hope.

The idea of the whole project is for Terra Terra Humana Entities to allow each creation to venture forth and make known the unknown. Consciousness has been divided into separate limitations in order to experience the creative power of SOURCE and to provoke the ability to create and figure out the secret of existence versus life. Dr. Orr realizes here how big a task he and his team have...