Intro to Become the Source

Welcome, you are now part of the Resistance. My name is Daniel Godding and this charming lady goes by the name of Mischief. Actually, she is more of a soldier than a lady. We have been drafted, along with others like ourselves, to assist you in your journey through life. 

Your efforts, as a member of the Resistance, are vital to the existence and preservation of Terra Terra and its inhabitants. 

The facility in which you are standing is called BTS Site 6; you most likely have come to know it as Become The Source. 

Thank you, Daniel. My name is Mischief, and I am female as you all can clearly see. I have worked alongside Daniel Godding for a few of your linear Terran years. I know enough to let you know that the threat we are dealing with is quite real. Therefore, you will be given strategic information at this location that creates a better path and journey for your life. The training here will assist you and enable you to discern what choices to make to avoid the Virus. However, you alone will have to choose which will be of benefit to you. 

You must guard this knowledge well. You are Humanity’s Last Hope.

Thank you Mischief. 


The type of information you will be receiving is classified and you may find most of the documentation in the TAF as MIDs or Information Dissemination. It shall be distributed within three methods of Broadcast.



These Broadcasts Are:

  • ESO-Life
  • BIBX
  • The Grid


Each of these are specifically designed to upgrade your humanity to 2.0 (HU2.0)

As a member of the Resistance, your mission is to extract vital information from each of the broadcasts in order to enhance your quality of life and make known the unknown. These techniques and tactics have been known to be very effective in building resistance against the Darkness Virus.  

Mischief and I, along with other members of the BTS Crew, have established contact with other races and multidimensional entities that have also been affected by the Darkness Virus. 

For the benefit of clarity, we have called all beings not aligned with the other dimension of Terra Terra in the multiverse, OFF-World. Would you care to explain Mischief?


Indeed, I am from OFF-World and we are here for a common cause. For the most part, you will have little interaction with OFF-World entities.

The Importance of MID Broadcasts. 

As you probably have been briefed, there are reasons why your life and the world is traveling in a downward spiral. Simply put there have been times when you feel that there are mechanisms in place that prevent you from achieving your potential. We will explore solutions to these entrapments at a later time and when you have succeeded in your level one training. You may continue your education. - Daniel? 



Thank you Mischief. 

Throughout the history of mankind, many individuals have dedicated their lives and their own resources towards philosophy, science, theology, and other schools of thought in order to find the reason why as human beings we struggle only to find ourselves back in the same place or a place very similar to it. Those efforts fell just short of what we consider long-term success for you and others.

They were missing two key components: Know thy enemy and know thyself.

This facility was established in order to achieve a greater understanding in hope that we can prevent, what we now term, the Darkness Virus, from achieving any more disastrous consequences in our universe.

Become the Source is an Amuechi intended to focus on helping you become part of the winning team in an otherwise long and arduous journey.

Thanks to the assistance of MOTHER, a highly evolved superconscious, we are now discovering how the Darkness Virus has affected you, the limited Humana singularities. 

Although we do not know all of the answers yet, our crew has been able to break down the information in different sections of learning in order to assist individuals within the Resistance to achieve a higher understanding of the enemy...and with it, a higher understanding of their place within existence.

Thank you for arriving safely at this destination, I must leave you now in order to achieve my mission. 

Almost forgot! Each broadcast is enhanced with energetic technologies in order to assist your learning path and upgrade. Your first learning will be titled The Season of The Construct.  You may reach out to members of the BTS Crew in many different ways in order to have your queries answered. 


You may start with our forum.




Remember: You are Humanity’s Last Hope.