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Article:  About Dictation

Commander C1: The Novie

Article Classification: MID 

Threat Level: Humana Consciousness Unification



Dictation 2010 Project

Dictation is to establish bi-directional Information Dissemination with OFF-World class entities.


In an event leading up to December 12, 2012, The N.O.V.I.E. and a set of team members trained by him, came across the 1st ability for a D7 Class Entity to break through the first communication from OFF-World entities.


Up until this moment, D7 Classified entities were only able to connect to lower realm entities and multi-dimensional entities.


The first contact of the OFF-World entities that came through called himself Melchizedek: “Lord of Light and ambassador of Truth, if there be such a thing.” Although it was not the first connection established, it was the first OFF-World entity that was beyond the Construct.


Importantly, as well to note, there were other communications that were attempting to pave the way for an individual female titled Myra, to be able to connect directly to an OFF-World Classification of Consciousness. However, Myra could not produce the correct resonance for this type of direct communication. Other entity classifications were able to come through using 636 as the “instrument” prior to the ability for Melchizedek to flow through.


The Bridge.

During the months that would proceed into Myra’s ability to directly Kommune, she was allowed to transcribe Information Dissemination titled: Dictation.


The Dictation was a bridge of communication through resonance shifting which would later train her Etherics to allow Kommunion. This cumulative writing from Consciousness and other OFF-World entities that would be called Dictation would later be placed into safekeeping within the work called The BOEK (The Book of Esoteric Knowledge).


In the first phases of Dictation transcription, Myra would type out titles of books and phrases. She was then challenged to seek out the books, the writings connected to the phrases, and other information through what used to be called the Internet (an electronic form of informational metaphoric highways which allow for the sharing of photos, audios, books, and other informative media). She would be asked to read in large quantities – and then to forget it. This frustrated Myra to the point of anger. She did not understand why she would have to read large books and translations just to forget their importance. The N.O.V.I.E., in an attempt to assist her, merely stated “They are attempting to fill you with concepts and information. Your EGO will have to learn this information in order to be able to Kommune with the higher realms.”


Book Resources Used to Assist.

Among the great books, she had to read and comprehend were, just to name a few: 

  • A Course in Miracles 
  • I AM RA: The Law of One  
  • The Lost Book of Enki 
  • The Four Agreements  
  • The White Book 
  • The Flower of Life 
  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead
  • The Shrimad Bhagavad Gita


…and many more.



Myra's Training Led to the Creation of Dictation.

Each time the OFF-World entity titled "Consciousness" would challenge Myra to enhance her etherics, all of her training, using automatic writing, deep mind meditation, and challenging Consciousness, led Myra to open her mind and her energetics to be able to Kommune with Melchizedek.


The collection of these writings would be called Dictation. Dictation now is the foundation for establishing a resonance to match that of OFF-World.



Myra currently is no longer a part of iCore 1, and the group has since evolved to a global communication/transmissions effort. It was a gateway in allowing D7 entities to Kommune rather than Commune with only lower-level entities.

Dictation has been used to understand the difference between Life and Existence, as well as understanding the healing arts and the potential usability of the electron and how it assists the body.

Most importantly, the knowledge in Dictation has opened the ability of Kommunion with Entities and the creation of The BOEK.


Transmission ended.



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