3. Book of Esoteric Knowledge




THE BOEK: Book of Esoteric Knowledge



A Brief History

OFF-World communications established, state that connection with Source has been established. 

July 1, 2011

However, there would be no mention that connection to Source Consciousness was established. According to the records and the OFF –World archives, they became quite silent with their communications once the actual contact had become more than obvious. During the next two months after contact was established the very first word came from OFF – World in the most obscure forms of communication. That word was Adonai.


Elle-1 and The Novie, use a manual form of communication in order to establish (or reestablish) communication with OFF-World. The initial reestablishment of communication was successful, however, something had changed. Since the project began in 2006 with the original member 636 and up until recent changes, The Novie worked relentlessly day and night for the answers most people had taken for granted. Secretly he documented his findings and his understandings, which at times involved a great deal of schematical representation. In an attempt to gain further knowledge and understanding, he did not place himself above or below any human being. He began seeking from individuals supposing to be 'theological', 'clerical', 'spiritual', and other forms of guides.


The project began way before 2006. However, The Novie understood that placing a date would someday be of importance and relevance. Hence he chose the year 2006. This was when he was introduced to an awakening. For those in the esoteric knowledge, it was easy to see The Novie had found his twin flame. However, several years later in 2010, The Novie would break away from his twin flame both esoterically and scientifically.


To the years of 2006 up until late 2010, The Novie and 636 would begin a series of events that would lead them into their first communication to Off-World. It would be through one of the entities titled Lord Melchizedek that 636 would meet her demise. 636 felt she was always struggling to understand the awakening process. She also felt self-empowered and it points to separation from other fellow human beings. As many times she failed to follow through and teach individuals what she had learned, despite the request of Off-World entities and quantum state entities. Though there were other complications and other members who continuously chose the "worldly" life, the Novie seemed to be on a mission.


The Novie found himself having educational arguments with all entities from Off-World concerning the construct of the world we live in and the science by which it stands. In the Consciousness Dictations (now part of The Association Files), I-CORE members were told to find certain reading materials, read them, and then forget them. 636 continuously failed behind,  being consumed by the matters of which she read, while the Novie did exactly as Consciousness Dictation requested. Because The Novie, continuously kept records, diagrams, concepts, and meditated upon these instruments, more information was kept from the group due to their lack of understanding more so than it being due to exclusivity.


Near the end of the year 2010, 636 had chosen to teach only one individual. When confronted with the question "what have you taught", she continuously denied giving an answer and procrastinated. At this moment The Novie confirmed what he had already known for months before it happened. During his attempt to assist 636, he removed his secret documentation which contained specific conversations between him and Off-World entities and quantum states. As complicated as the documentation appeared, to him it was simple and mundane.


By December 31, 2010, 636 had entirely engulfed herself with the world of experiential endeavors and rejected the path. The Novie had acquired a new alliance with ELLE-1. ELLE-1 was more adept and quick in mastering the concepts within the documentation. In an attempt to prove the documentation was vital for the existence of humanity, Elle-1 and The Novie challenged the material by creating several mundane and trivial sequences. The sequences would create harmony between the construct, the law of attraction, and the ability to manifest from within self-awareness and self-empowerment. Each of the experiments was a success. When ELLE-1 and The Novie were invited to work with BTS, the information was labeled and categorized as The Book of Esoteric Knowledge (B.O.E.K.). This book would contain drawings and diagrams as well as meditations and concepts from OFF-World entities that if used properly could help anyone understand the veils. Though some key individuals have attempted to destroy the BOEK, it is still present within the Cyberstation Tokyo headquarters.