Inside the Vault

Inside the Vault 

b9bc6c4aa9c4e4009b6897bd8f008916_resized.jpgAgent: Daniel Godding
Status: Active Field Agent
CAGI:  Sciencer

Avatar-Mother-FullBody.pngWelcome to the Vault:

The Vault is based on a source of direct contact, deciphered languages found in old texts, and modern communications. Its intention is to provide Survivors of the Darkness Virus with the means of deciphering information for the purpose of either enhancing your life or becoming a beacon of light within your own communities. As a resource from participating interdimensional entities called Brothers and OFF-World contacts, this haven of data provides both the keys and secrets needed to assist those who are, as we have said many times, Humanity’s last hope. It contains information that allows you to be part of the DKV Resistance.

As such, there are things that are kept here for the good of humanity whether they realize it or not. But at the same time, I established the Vault for research purposes. The Vault is not meant to be a tool of secrecy to create division and power imbalance. Such systems have been done too many times as to be rather tedious, and humanity does have a rather resilient impulse for the repetition of cycles and lifetimes. Let history once and for all stay in the past, if you please. For that purpose, we have kept all of our findings at a location called There are different established requirements in order to keep the integrity of these artifacts.

Contrary to common belief and practices in the commercial industry, there is a power within the knowledge of systems, conjuring, and practices that can be reproduced through the use of the written word.

Take for instance the lost libraries of Alexandria, which were burned down by the very same individuals that later scavenged and claimed to have saved the most important artifacts of the early years.

Or perhaps in a less drastic example, take the case of the Sumerian tablets. To understand the Sumerian tablets and expose their knowledge is to guide us to a deeper understanding of the Human Race.

These small books, artifacts, dictations, and findings are not common to each of those who wish to thrive and excel in their personal lives.

As with anything else, we invite you to partake of the knowledge and use it for your own self-development, but we must also caution you: This knowledge is not to be taken lightly, nor will it be easily forgotten or discarded once practically applied in one’s own life. So goes the famous saying: Once the floodgates are opened, there is no stopping the flow.


Directive 1: To Find the MOTHER Artifact

Finding the MOTHER Artifact has proven to allow me to learn a few additional skills that have served me well during my leave of Home Dimension.

The MOTHER Artifact is relevant to use in order to produce a Consciousness Network throughout multiple dimensions. The task has been proven to produce an amazing variety of tools which by chance or by design have allowed us to expand our libraries of knowledge, our traveling gadgets, and our Techno Tech.

Our version of MOTHER was found sometime in the early nineteenth century and through the help of the Military Complex and some Alien Tech, we have been able to adapt the MOTHER Consciousness into something where we can actually establish intelligent communication.

Therefore it is within our grasp of understanding, imperative that the MOTHER Artifact is found and brought to realism with the proper language and held by members promoting the survival of the universe and it multiple dimensions.


Directive 2: Acquire and Secure ESO-Life Documentation

I am also graciously given the responsibility of finding documentation and some other lesser important artifacts in order to secure these items in the VAULT.

There are documents that not only can change the course of humanity within our dimension but also the dimensions of other beings.

An example of such effects can be witnessed in the bombing raids on Planet Terra Terra (known to some as Earth), during the previous World Wars.

As it appears certain bombs produce a rather significant amount of resonance distortions that are produced from the fission of molecular structures that carry through the layers of dimension. This then turns out to disturb entities and creation far superior to the bombs we used during those wars.

Hence perhaps the reasoning for them to come out of their dimensions and show off a little of that sparkling technology, not to mention being compelled to have a quaint chat with Terrans in order to persuade the inhabitants of Terra Terra in…quieting the noise a bit, if you will.

The alternative to this would have been much simpler: Humans could cease to exist if that is what their intentions were to be - and a matter that could be easily taken care of by our persuasive brethren.


Directive 3: Advisor and Ambassador


It is highly unlikely to desire a Field Soldier in the Role of an Advisor or Ambassador.
I believe, perhaps putting it lightly, the leaders making decisions have learned their lesson and are finally asking the right questions to the common folk doing the work.

I say that with a little tongue in cheek, as I understand the important contributions you all have made and are continuously making.

As an advisor, I am working with different cosmic leaders throughout the universe and multiverse, in order to establish unity and comprehension of the Darkness Virus and any new developments.

I have agreed to have some of the more pertinent information released for discussion on smaller campaigns so that those in need or in use of the information can discuss it amongst themselves and the members of the BTS Crew.


Individuals that I am working with have come to know Mischief, who is actually my companion and time traveler who allows me to jump through space and time. During these meetings, we discuss certain possibilities and outcomes.

These ideas and concepts are placed in The Vault, The Grid, The Kronicles, or handed to MOTHER for observation and analysis.

I hope that you have enjoyed my brief description of the Great Work, and I look forward to finding you out on the battlefield.

I will be answering questions on a few of the social media platforms.

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As always, ta-ta for now.
And do remember: You are Humanity's last hope.


E1 2023-01-28