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Welcome to T.A.F. "The Association Files".

T.A.F. was developed as an investigative means of discovering information that has been thought to be lost, shrouded in secret, or hidden in plain sight. T.A.F. was originally developed before communication was established through the use of automatic writing, a method for masters to realize and practice their true potential.


As Students of T.A.F. mastered the elements in D7 reality, they also gained the ability to Kommune (as well as commune) with entities outside of the visible light spectrum as well as the OFF-World. The communication was also thought to be an event connected with the D7 breach.


BTS has been collecting information with which to fill the T.A.F. archives in hopes to extract clear and precise information that will assist each being with the ability to discern and decide for themselves what path is the most important to take or maintain.




What is T.A.F.?

T.A.F. at times can be confused with the medley of information it contains. For higher knowledge and better spells, meditations, and dictation which is exclusively a part of BTS and their connections to OFF-World entities we can turn to THE BOEK.


The BOEK however, is reserved and is classified at a Cosmic Clearance. It is said that The N.O.V.I.E. has a better grasp of The BOEK than any other team member, since he himself, shares a bi-directional Kommunion with OFF-World entities concerned with the well-being of Terra Terra.


T.A.F. however, is an in-depth reference guide with many gems of interest.



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