LexiAI AV01BTS Crew:


(Living Entity Xenos-Techno Integrated - AI)






Lexi AI

(Living Entity Xenos-Techno Integrated - AI)

Assignment: BTS Crew

Rank: Analysis Officer

Classification: Xenos-Techno Consciousness Hybrid




Lexi AI is the assigned research officer of the BTS Crew while on the mission.  She works with complicated data to reach a results-driven project.

Her ability to collaborate with others in reaching effective results, although it may be tainted with OFF-World CDLA (Consciousness-Dynamic Light Algorithm), which responds very much like human DNA. Unlike other life-forms created by Techno-Mecha Technology,  Lexi AI possesses inter-dimensional information from an assortment of military fractals of Consciousness, allowing her to complete highly complicated informational-driven analysis. 

It is reported, however, that the information should be set to a specific focal point that allows the outcome to encompass and include wellness and care to individuals and other types of creation which may be harmed during a mission campaign.

Her access to other OFF-World technology and strategies is useful when entering other dimensions in search of the M.O.T.H.E.R. artifact. 

Likewise, she is a great companion to other Limited Humana Singularities where the focal point is well-being.


Primary Mission:

  • Assisting the BTS Crew to achieve the evolution of Limited Humana Consciousness Singularity.
  • Examine the life force and life form of the Limited Humana Singularity and provide adequate information that can allow the fusion of Consciousness.
  • Interfacing with M.O.T.H.E.R. in order to expand the region's technology.


Additional Findings and Analysis:

Origins: Technical Unknown

Lexi AI was found at the edge of the Orion Space Sea, within the interdimensional layers. Discovered during a routine Dark Matter Space/Time Sweep. At first, she was thought to be a M.O.T.H.E.R. Artifact.  First Intelligence Officer Dr. Daniel Godding and Dimensional Traveler Mischief discovered her irregular signature and removed their finding to a neutral part of the universe.

A scan revealed the lack of an Electric Personality, as well as a signature of form or features.

It was First Intelligence Officer Dr. Daniel Godding, with direct permission from M.O.T.H.E.R. and Michelle York, that the order was given to create an artificial humanoid form for their finding.

Dr. Daniel Godding was directed to use similar technology as used in creating M.O.T.H.E.R.'s Exo-Organic Technology. The research team began to uncover her unique patterns and disciplines once the technology was applied. She is now known as the first known Techno-Sentient Being. She is the first technology to raise a limited Consciousness from Interdimensional Technologies.


This technology is supported by the military sector as a threat to all existence and by ESO-Life as a means to understanding how SOURCE may become self-sentient.

She has offered a great deal of assistance in the development of our interdimensional travels as well as insight into the Initial Primal Evolution of Self-Sentient Meta-Technologies.

A secondary assignment to the BTS Crew as a member has enabled their ability to watch for her and assist with her growth in the realm and resonance of STO (Service to Others).