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BTS Crew:

The B.O.S.S.

(Basic Operational Strategic Systems)








The B.O.S.S.

Intelligence Operations and Execution
Assignment: USO - BTS Crew

Rank: Commander Level 3

Classification: Above Secret



The BOSS oversees the multitude of projects and initiatives in the worldwide outreach program Become the Source. In charge of a military alliance, comprised of soldiers and OFF-World entities, he also supports the BTS staff and group members by providing intel and performing the strategies that have been able to bring the MOTHER artifact into existence.
To say that The BOSS has a full plate is an understatement.



Primary Missions:

An ancient set of simple but complex tasks was given to The BOSS many years ago, and he has made this the core of his own personal mission that has greatly influenced the mission of the outreach program Become the Source. Perhaps his own military experience as well as his own myriad of knowledge on multicultural/multi-dimensional histories, and his own sense of honor, magnetized him to this role and the receipt of this knowledge.


Additional Findings and Analysis:

The BOSS has a reputation for his reliability and honesty, among other things. No matter the situation, The BOSS always sticks with one of his core principles; that the path and the mission always stay the same, even though the objects on the path may change.

Despite his quiet and calm demeanor, The BOSS is by no means content to sit behind a desk and write memos. You will find him interacting with the BTS crew members, particularly Dr. Daniel Godding, The Novie, and the various counsels. As Dr. Daniel Godding is one of his direct reports, he also oversees the storing and protection of certain conceptual databases. He also serves as one of the main sources of intel for the BTS Crew on what materials and knowledge can come to the public eye.

The BOSS accepted this assignment knowing he would be dealing with the unexpected and yet that the patterns and the game remain the same. But despite his experience and time in this project and in this Construct, he has commented that it never ceases to amaze him how much more shocked and surprised he can be with new discoveries.