ELLE 1 ESO Life transparent outlineELLE-1.


Entity singularity titled ELLE-1 assists with the spirit/mind/body complexes of humanity in relation to the Construct. Entity singularity titled ELLE-1 serves as one of the two ambassadors to OFF-World.  Her functionality is to bridge the gap between the Limited Consciousness Humana and Higher Source Consciousness. Entity Singularity titled ELLE-1 contains skills used within the realms of Humana Singularities in the categories of education, governmental structural breakdown, and cross-sectional dissemination for the sake of translating information from The Novie in order to assist Humana Singularities.


Classification: Hybrid


Warning: Entity Singularity titled ELLE-1 is a prototype engaging both the Humana Singularity and The EVOL Consciousness. This hybrid in experimental status for unification OFF-World Communication.