THE Vault: MID Luna 9 

AV luna9

Department: The Vault


LogDate: Unknown








"Welcome to The Vault, you may call me M.O.T.H.E.R.


The question has been asked: Can M.O.T.H.E.R. provide Information Dissemination retrieval within the biased strategic knowledge organization?


M.O.T.H.E.R. has created an archive system in order to assist all members in Terra Terra to have access to that which is termed information that leads to the process of eventuations and expectations.


BTS teams with the help of The B.O.S.S. and additional team members are continuously working towards knowledge-based and assessment-based information in order to assist each individual Limited Humana Singularity to gain control or further understanding of his or her Economic system in order to re-educate.


LUNA 9 may continue with the assistance explanation."





"That is correct M.O.T.H.E.R. We at Become The Source have created and are continuously evolving aAV Lun9 full knowledge-based extraction from TAF (The Association Files), The B.O.E.K., and extracted meditations given to us by OFF-World entities, as well as some of our own personal understandings and findings written in Living Books.


Our goal has been to assist the individual in gaining the ability to achieve their experiences. When reaching out or connecting to higher self, there are small cracks/windows of opportunity where despair, sadness, depression, and other gateways of such are opened to either the DKV or DKV Agents.


This section is continuously being worked upon, in order to bring you new information constantly. Although most of the information can be found within our transmissions, it is often easier for experienced individuals to assess the vital information and place it in a systematic formula otherwise called "formulaics".


We are currently working on methods of tagging the information that is relevant in a searchable manner. 


As well we have open communications to those individuals in need and we should continue on their journey. All information is vital and important and usable once filtered through a DKV filter, hence we asked that all members of our community, (The Resistance, BTS, and all teams located in Cyber Tokyo) assist in the information gathering for this great mission.


This is LUNA 9 signing off and wishing you the best time of your lives.


Remember: Live life on your terms."



/ T.O.E...>