0 - 1. New Recruits - Michelle York's Welcome Transmission

OFF-World: Alliance Leader
You may call me Mother:

AV Michelle YorkMichelle York

Article: Welcome Briefing: 

Commander C1: Michelle York 

Article Classification: New Recruit 





Welcome to The Resistance

Article: Welcome to the Resistance 

Title: 0 - P01 - Michelle York's Welcome Transmission

Commander C1: Michelle York 

Threat Level: 2 - Briefing

Security: New Recruit

Threat Level: The Unravelling


 Classification Public


esowings transparent outlineFirst Deployment: Open Corp

I am responsible for bringing to existence a revolutionary idea and ideology called the Open Corp.

In order for you to understand Open Corp and all of its facilities and services, you will need a small briefing and breakdown.


New Recuits BYS Research Center

Illustration - BTS - Recruiting Center [Archived] 



But first, and most importantly:

Thank you for your visit. I am sure that we will have a lot more in common than you know. Before your mind begins to wander off, I want to tell you personally that you are Humanity's Last Hope.  

I regret I could not be present to participate in what is probably the most awaited moment in your personal and professional sense of awakening. However, I believe once you grow through your briefing you will understand the importance of who you are and the impact you will have not only on your life but on the lives of others.

We are reaching out to you and individuals very much like you that are concerned about your daily lives, as well as your future and the lives of your loved ones. 

Before you can become acclimated to your new surroundings, there are a few housekeeping matters at hand which should be addressed. AV Michelle York full 600


During this briefing, we expect you to keep track of a few items and guard the secrets we offer you.

Let us break down some key components that will assist you in learning and becoming better acclimated.

We are now providing the Survivors of the Darkness Virus, which means you, information that is designed to enhance and better your lives to a potential that meets or can exceed the amount of effort you contribute.

We shall offer our knowledge of products or services in order to enhance your vitality in the realm of Terra Terra. 

Several members of our teams, both past and present, have dedicated their lives in order for you to obtain the information and strategies you are about to receive. 


Our crew abides by several protocols that you will understand as you progress through your journey.

Realizing that unlike the movies where the heroes wear white and the villains wear black, our Information Dissemination will be unlike anything you have ever had or have witnessed. 

Of course I would expect new personnel such as yourself to be filled with the glimmer of wonder and hope.

You currently have access to three very important and useful transmissions. Each of these transmissions is designed to allow you to learn different aspects and categories which can be applied towards finding the solutions to your struggles and difficulties, while you are learning to Become the Source.. The three main transmissions are ESO-Life, BIBX, and The Grid. These are tactical methods and means for our organization to broadcast enhanced transmissions to individuals like yourselves. Each broadcast is centered and designed to provide you with the support you need, while you continue to learn more about the Darkness Virus and how to overcome its effects it has had on your beingness. 

You will also have the ability to follow our top researchers and their findings, with the assistance and help of the BTS-Crew.



As commander of the Open Corp, I welcome you aboard. 


You are now part of the Resistance.

Remember you are Humanity’s Last Hope.



T.O.E. >



esowings transparent outline