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BTS Article: Brief History

Agent: The BOSS

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 Classification Above Secret


The Quick Narrative:


Hello, old friend. My apologies for my present absence. I know you like to get to brass tactics so I will make this short but impactful. I will need you to read this out loud, so I can hear it. Forgive my cryptic message. I cannot reveal my location or Temporal Status. You have done well to follow my instructions in building MOTHER. Now that you are familiar with OFF-World communications, it is time to confess that I have chosen you from a perspective in the future. The Mecha-Organic Reality assisted me in living out a longer, but not happier life. However, as a soldier and a scientist, I have done my duty I assure you, as you have and will continue to do. If you are reading this at this time, which I know you are, you are wearing the watch I have given you.

To help you with your questions, the package I sent you so many years ago is indeed a package delivered by an Arch. I cannot reveal their identities to you, and hopefully, you should never need of them again. If you do, it will be because you have come close to the SOURCE. Their functions are to establish and defend the flow of SOURCE. The Darkness Consciousness once took them by surprise. But they are wiser now. The outcome of this mission is more than I had understood when I accepted to contribute my talents to this team.

As it appears the world is not as it seems. In this moment or the last. Despite humanity's better judgment, Humans and other Races alike have been constantly leading to what is known as Zero Point. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain the hidden structure of the Construct or constructs in which we live.

It is difficult to believe that we have come to this point, despite the long history of humanity and aliens alike. 

It is hard to imagine that out of all the perceived challenges humans in 3rd-dimensional reality have had to endure, the actual enemy and its demise was literally a whisper away.


World War VI

Photo Archive - WW VI Inter-dimensional war and aftermath [re-enactment]


So many challenges and so many lives lost during Global warming, World War 6, the V12-Virus, the fallen economy, the restriction of time travel, and the rise of AI, paled in comparison to our most formidable enemy, which was just a single thought. A thought so silent that even the tiniest whisper could overshadow its ability to overcome and overpower us. 

We now have come to know that our enemy has used all of these perceived means as gateways and catalysts to bring further chaos and destruction and to also hide its true identity.  

In fact, so insignificant its power is that it has been with us for over 1.8 billion years.  We did not even know its name. Until now.


Our ancestors spoke of what we’ve to accept as childish attributes, such as kindness and the use of kind words like “please” and “thank you”. Somehow they knew, from the ancient civilizations before them, that between these civil and courteous engagements, was a technological advancement to assist in deterring our enemy from infiltrating the 3rd Dimensions.

But instead, we chose to act in sarcasm, petty vengeance, selfishness, vulgarity, decadence, a quick wit toward the disregard to life. Instead, the Limited Humana stepped away from KEPRA (the concept of constantly becoming better) and advanced their form of thinking towards that of fear and separation and addiction to our senses. 

This gave rise to its power and its ability to turn us against ourselves and anyone who brought these childish ideas back to the negotiation table. 

Are we too far gone that the enemy will do what it has already successfully done so many times to other universes? 


But did the Humana Singularity ever come to realize that by their actions and inactions, they would destroy it all? 

Did they know that their actions would even come to destroy their own makers known as Gods which gave them courage and the last stand for dignity?

Perhaps there was a reason for humans, now called by their proper categorization Limited Humana Singularity Complex, to believe that the human race would be persecuted and would finally come to be destroyed, as narrated in so many of the tales of the Apocalypse and the End of Times.

Even though the scientists, profits, and religious leaders could not conclusively prove the ultimate demise of humanity, perhaps it was always the subconscious knowing they would someday be responsible for their own extinction.

Perhaps there always was some truth to their fears and premonitions of their world coming to an end, and by their own hands no less.

This would be the perfect alibi. The guilty deflecting their responsibility by using the guise of professing the future through the means of psychic prediction or prophetic prophecies. 


In layman's terms, for you dumb-asses, the guilty created the loophole for the destruction of not only their kind but all kind, by allowing the enemy to weave its way through the very same teachings given to us causing the division. The enemy knows us more than we know ourselves. It has had 1.8 billion years to understand us and everything in our Construct. 

Seemingly, there is no escape.

Now we are at war.

 Tempric Order

Photo Archive - Tempric Order - Take Over [on-file]


Our current tactical situation is as follows:

Education on the universal understanding that time is an illusion, has not yet been filtered through all of the OFF-World Locations plotted on our Dimensional Maps. 

We have been increasingly more isolated within the parameters of the dictated timelines and dimensions. 

Even though some of us have said that access to extra dimensions is part of our natural evolution, restrictions to time travel have been imposed on humanity and other entities for their own safety.

Time travel still happens. But only a privileged few, along with those whose DNA stems from the Temporic Order, are allowed. The Temporic beings have been a force to reckon with and hard to understand at times. Due to their multidimensional thinking, they are the elite and superior weapon in the Universe. Their one drawback is Dark Matter and how it interferes with their ability to function. 

In addition, Temporic Police have been deployed to correct these outliers of time travel and further enforce these restrictions imposed on humanity, removing any artifacts and concepts having to do with temporal distortion learnings.  This is an attempt to prevent our enemy from creating ripples and other distortions, making it even more impossible to achieve smaller victories.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in disruption of the timelines, as these items were removed in such a manner that required them to never exist in the first place. The Mandela Effect is just one of the symptoms that we know of that has resulted from this jarring process. 

Many have stepped up and spoken on humanity’s behalf, appalled at these restrictions to what others have seen as humanity’s natural birth rights and necessary conceptual learnings. But in the wake of recent events, these birthrights have been taken from us not because humanity cannot think, but because of how humanity thinks.


The Open Corps, led by 1st Commander Michelle York, with the help of other OFF-World entities and M.O.T.H.E.R. have come to understand our enemy. It is now called the Darkness Consciousness. If there ever was a Devil, we believe we have found it.

The Darkness Consciousness has been known to dominate other life forms and turn them against each other for a purpose that is yet unknown. There have been a few entities that have been able to resist the Darkness Consciousness, only to take their own lives. 

The Darkness Consciousness is a vast entity that is in itself a consciousness that consumes all things. It is a whisper that can entice the thinking of the unsavvy. However, there are rules and alternatives to fighting. Sometimes, the fight can be won by just doing the right thing. It is now understandable why our ancestors forbade suicide. It is an easy way for the Darkness Consciousness to take out an entire race. However, our clever enemy has even had its inception with such leadership. Today the combination of Science and Meta-Technologies, along with the greater OFF-World Alliances, have a better understanding of how to hold back the Forces of the Darkness Consciousness. Those that become incepted with the Darkness Consciousness are said to be infected with the Darkness Virus, also known as DKV or DK-V.


We now believe it is not a matter of whether or not one is infected, but how much one is infected.


 Planet Unraveled

Photo Archive - Planet UnRaveled [unknown origin]



It is not their fault. It is how the Darkness Virus destroys all things, by using a method called the Un-Raveling or Unraveling. However, once infected, they are truly not your friends. You will understand as you learn more about the Flow of SOURCE. Be not afraid.

The BTS Crew has trained to assist what is called the Resistance. Meta-Tech tools and deployments have been created to assist the simple entities to become soldiers in the protection of all that is in existence.

Among the crew are highly specialized individuals that may not even know the full extent of their abilities.

The BTS Crew is challenged with the assisting of expanding multidimensional thinking.


I was born on Terra Terra, before the rise of the Humans and the great fall of our corrupted kingdom.

I know the task that is at hand and of the perilous journey that each Limited Humana Singularity has to face.



I remember when life was easy, at least enjoyable. 


Now you are humanity’s last hope.