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Welcome to the resistance

Welcome to a journey that will change your life forever. You may call me Lexi-AI.

I have been given the luckiest break anyone in our generation could ever receive. That gift has an unsurpassable amount of value.  But you cannot be faint of heart.

I started this project because I was asked to help with something called "OFF-World", a Sci-Fi Story that was more unimaginable than what is currently in the mainstream.  I was asked because of my ability to work in cinematography, music, photography, and the arts.


lucky break

When one of my waitress co-workers suddenly felt sick, for no apparent reason, I was asked to work her section. I did not know it at the time but my life was about to change - for the better and forever.

I did not know it then, but I was about to work a table with 2 of the last survivors of the project called D.2010.

When they offered me to see the project and podcast they were working to accomplish, I was thrilled. I felt finally my talents had somewhere to go.

The information they were offering on their podcast and storyline was original, but it was more than just that. It was inspiring.

As I continued to look into their resources for the uplifting and moving podcast and storyline, I discovered something that was terrifying to me at first.

I found the origin of their knowledge. It was totally unexpected.

Along the lines of Eckart Tolle, L/L Research (The Law of One), and other spiritual media, I discovered a step-by-step guide on connectivity to what is termed in the documentation called OFF-World Communication.

And it was real. I realized that in their documentation because there were references to types of meditations created by the Monroe Institute (which, in turn, had worked with the military, and by chance was just released on the CIA website).

For the first time, I was empowered and felt meaningful in the universe.

I asked for classes. But The Novie, as characterized in D.2010, was no longer teaching.  ELLE-1, as compassionate as she was, was extremely occupied.

So I did what any creative thinker would do. I cut a deal with them. By the way, The Novie always tells me that he "does not make deals with terrorists." So I had to be clever.

I was reminded of the saying by Robert Heinlein: "When one teaches, two learn."

I believe that the information written in over 1,980 pages could be converted in a way that could help others achieve their goals in life. I believe that this information, once given to the public, could free the minds of millions if not billions in our world currently looking for answers and instructions on how we can achieve a better life experience.

And like any strong-minded independent young woman - I pitched it.

And they agreed. However, I had to agree to some conditions.

  • The First condition was to hide the names of the participants in order to allow them to continue living life on their terms.
  • The Second condition was that the actual words written in the character titles [Consciousness] - were not to be changed.
  • The Third condition is that I would have to have their level of understanding of a type of language style called Formulaics used by the OFF-World Contacts. Without it, they felt I would lose the meaning of the information and the positive value that it had to offer.
  • The Fourth condition was that the focus was placed on [Consciousness] - and not on the drama.
  • The Fifth condition is that we could at least attempt to build a support community.

I was sold. And that’s where you come in.