September 19, 2013 - What is 216



Since the launch of my experience with Become the Source, while conversing with The Novie and Elle-1 I have often heard stories of were they have both seen the number 216 numerous times in a day. Some days it was mentioned to be seen as many as 27 times.. Our Brothers are clever in the ways they choose to place signs, not always clear, but there nontheless.  

The other day it came to mind that perhaps there could be something of great magnitude brewing in the pot. A restaurant named Skyland which The Novie, Elle-1 and I are very fond of, was to be the forshadowing event that helped formulate this hypothesis. 


Skyland: The Novie, Elle-1 and I decided to go eat some delicious italian food, as well as their fantastic baklava. In the midst of sharing concepts on a few topics, I felt an immense density flooding the room. Later, it was confirmed by The Brothers that indeed something of magnitude is on its way (but really, something is always happening).



But back to 216. Well, my assumption is that perhaps it symbolizes a time at some point in which that action that is in process will occur. Considering that there really is no time, this action is and already has happened. What I will mention in relation to 216, is make sure you clean your cookies history and balance out the equations that have been left unstable. That is all.