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Welcome to Become the Source

Welcome to Become the Source (BTS): 

Become the Source is an online resource for individuals that are searching for answers that are hard to find.

The purpose of BTS is to assist individuals to achieve a better sense of self and wellbeing.

BTS explores many concepts that have been burried under the rug for a great deal of time. The online resource/self-awareness channel sponsors creative means that are routed in history, research, and so forth, in order to spark thought and bring forth some concepts.

While it is true there is a great deal of misinformaition, controversy, taboo subjects, conspiracy theory, and other items that may seem to be in the realm of the unbelievable, BTS takes a different stance on some of these issues.

BTS looks into the ability for you to Become the Source of your own life using resources that may not have been noticed in the shuffle throughout the centuries.



What can you expect from BTS?

Expect the unexpected!!

That's right. In order to understand how to achieve inner power, it is also important to understand that the resource one may need to achieve change, just maybe found where you haven't looked yet.


BTS puts it all together!!

Change is hard for everyone!

BTS brings informatoin together from many different resources so that you can pick the pieces that can best create your life.

However, we know that change is hard for everyone to achieve and that the actions of today will be the building blocks of tomorrow.

BTS works to bring to you information from different resources and produces an online program ((( iRadio ))) Become the Source, with ELLE-1 and The Novie to help those individual become aware of what they can do to find happiness and joy in their daily living.


We welcome your comments and ideas for our online LifeCast!

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