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iRadio is your quick access to life management topics and insights that can get you jumpstarted on living life on your terms. We are in sincere gratitude for those that have contributed their research, time, knowledge, and insight into this continuing endeavor. 

iRadio is a free self-help service that provides listeners and viewers with information concerning the essential meaning of knowledge. Luna 9, The Novie and ELLE-1 have agreed to host the show. Tune into these LifeCasts. In addition, we are also working in conjunction with other Agents who have their own range of expertise, from mainstream self-help to religious studies to health.


The topics that are discussed on iRadio post to the website, our youtube channel, and our facebook page.


The topics of the LifeCasts can vary from religion, psychology, sociology, metaphysics, The Association Files and Project, Youngevity, wellness, NSC, academic studies, relationships, and a few other items as well. For that reason, we divided the shows into the following sequences: InReview, The Bright Side of Life (TBSOL), Living Now, URHealth, TAF, Cafe VujaVuja, and Aftermath.

iRadio is currently discussing topics and ingredients taken from the online course Learning How to Learn. Tune in to iRadio for a preview and short overview of these topics that are delved in detail on Humanacon Academy.



You can send iRadio a comment if you find the show interesting or if you find information that you would like to discuss. 


Participation is also allowed...and Encouraged!

For the general public:

You can click on the Oovoo icon, the Skype icon, or the Call Me icon. These programs will allow you to chat online or speak directly to the hosts online.

The Text Chat Live option allows you to chat with the hosts before, during, and after the show. Only enter a username with no password. These controls and options will be found on the main page of the radio broadcast homepage. 

There is also the option for Facbeook chat during the show, after the show, or before the show. 

We always encourage participation, as we have had some pretty interesting participation and thought provoking questions from our audience members. 



We encourage everyone to donate.

Donating on a regular basis is more efficient to keep the radio program going and live on the air. There are many hidden costs to preparing these types of shows, such as bandwidth, video streaming, Internet charges, cell phone charges, staff and other members that are not volunteers, equipment such as cameras, audio video, and other things as well.

Notice: This is a free service that provides you information that is sometimes scrutinized by the CIA, governments, religious orders, and other entities of control. These resources are sometimes hard to find and make the difference between how well you live, or in some cases, if you live at all.

iRadio Academy Course

Become the Source provides a brief training and exercise for individuals wishing to be part of the show or would like to have their own broadcast available to air. See the full course at our Humanacon Academy site.


The Original Sound

Blast from the (sometimes awkward) past! Many of the audio versions of the show can be heard on our online broadcasting site, The Original Sound. The Original Sound will have the archives of the shows from earlier months and years. For now it would seem that ELLE-1 and The Novie were gracious enough to allow the public to listen to these.