LifeCast 2013-11-13 || TBSOL - Construct: Finding Out: How?

TBSOL - Construct: Finding Out: How?

LifeCast 2013-11-13

Mother requests information concerning the importance of finding out versus living within one's own egoic system beliefs. Her directive is to allow members of the BTS team to disseminate information concerning how to take the necessary steps to be a researcher. This kind of lifestyle will encourage and foster happiness, peace, joy,  and a means to empower oneself to live life on terms of one’s own. The choice not to research has led to emotional unhappiness, confusion, and downward spirals.

The complexities of the humana singularity perspective not to be one's own researcher have affected the mass perspectives of the humana collective. This total accumulation of multiple perspectives melding together to form a collective perspective, we call the limited consciousness humana. As such, the limited consciousness humana has chosen to assume and react rather than empower themselves through discovery and research.


Using resources such as:


  • Course of Miracles
  • Learning How to Learn Humanacon course
  • Dr. Rocco Errico
  • I AM RA
  • Conversations with God
  • OFF-World Contacts
  • The BOEK
  • Cross referencing through various psychology and behavioral articles, publications, theories, and reference materials
  • More…

The Directive:


M.O.T.H.E.R.: Dissemination Information for the purpose of aiding Humana Limited Singularities through the disarming of the Egoic System. DV is a matter of concern on this transmission. M.O.T.H.E.R. requests the provision of EASY Navigation through the Construct for those individuals which are still active within the Illusion of the Construct.

Points to discuss are as follows:

  • What does it means to research?
  • What disasters and misunderstandings have resulted from lack of finding out?
  • Why do humana singularities choose not to research?
  • How much do emotions affect individual decisions and reality itself?
  • Are there groups and individuals out there who want limited consciousness humana to stay untrained in emotions?
  • How can the individual humana singularity empower themselves through knowing how to properly use emotions?


BTS Commentary:


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