TBSOL: The Bright Side of Life






Original Logdate: 2010-12-31

Creator Category: Above Secret

Resonance: MOTHER

Subject Category: TBSOL

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We notice that humans, despite the hard times they go through, all want to be happy. They want to be positive, and they want to get along. When ELLE-1 and The Novie created The Youtube Project as an example of two entities "getting along just fine," they noticed that the resources out there to help humans get along with each other were scattered and incomplete. It's no wonder that there is still a large number of confusion and fear among humans when they try to live their lives. This isn't just limited to relationships, but also how they go about their education, their political views, their religion, their diet, their money, and other aspects of their lives.

Hence why we created The Bright Side of Life.

This is another project that The Novie, ELLE-1 and now also Luna 9 greatly contributed to. They realized that the idea of "thinking positive" involved more than reading books and listening to self-help tapes. In particular, The Novie was able to contribute his insights from his unique set of knowledge. ELLE-1 completed the project by creating a human-friendly version for all people to be able to use in their daily lives. Luna 9 helps decypher all aquired knowledge and data for the world to understand.

This section is designed for Agents collecting further insight, Associates who wish to use the knowledge and apply it in their own lives, the Collective, and of course, you.