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Original Logdate: 2012-12-31

Creator Category: Above Secret

Resonance: MOTHER

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If you have ever wondered why your life does not work out the way you plan it, you may just be interested in what we have to offer.

Living Now offers you a variety of solutions for each and every problem that you may have ever encountered in your entire life.


ELLE -1, Luna 9 and The Novie have been given the golden keys to the kingdom of knowledge in order to help assist individuals such as yourselves in finding the right answers to your unique problems.


Living Now focuses on how to assist individuals just like you achieve the best things in life. However, there are no holds barred.

This is a raw look on how to effectively change your life, whether you are a singularity focused on living a human life, a singularity wishing to ascend, an agent who requires knowledge in order to assist others, Associates who wish to help themselves achieve the things they need to in order to achieve a better life, the Collective, and you.


Living Now is not only psychological. It is also spiritual and metaphysical transcendental.

Living Now does not focus on what you're doing wrong. It focuses on how to get it right.


Thanks to The NOVIE's insight with OFFWorld knowledge, the hybrid technology from ELLE-1, and Luna 9's top-secret information, it is now possible to think in a multidimensional framework and apply it to common everyday living.

Become The Source also allows viewers, Agents, the Collective, and Associates to participate in the growth of knowledge via commentary and interviews.

We hope you enjoy the show, live long, and potentially prosper.