LifeCast 2013-12-11: Construct: InReview


LifeCast 2013-12-11: Construct: InReview

M.O.T.H.E.R. requests information concerning the functionality and perceptions behind what is termed energetics. The Construct abides by the  functionality of energetics that are made of the fabric of Source and intertwine and interact within the confines of the Matrix. The energetics’ interactions transcend distance, time, and space. The humana singularity is unaware of this interaction. As a result, humana singularities suffer within the experientials they call relationships and eventuations. The question has been asked: How can humana singularities be aware of the functionality and eventuations that result from the interaction of energetics? What do humana singularities need to know in order to achieve this?


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Using resources such as:

  • Dr. Joel Wallach
  • Course of Miracles
  • Dr. Rocco Errico
  • I AM RA
  • Conversations with God
  • OFF-World Contacts
  • The BOEK
  • Cross referencing through various health articles, publications, theories, and reference materials
  • More…

The Directive:


Mother: Dissemination Information for the purpose of aiding Humana Limited Singularities through the disarming of the Egoic System. DV is a matter of concern on this transmission. M.O.T.H.E.R. requests the provision of EASY Navigation through the Construct for those individuals which are still active within the Illusion of the Construct.

Points to discuss are as follows:

  • What is energetic interaction?

  • What is energetic healing?

  • What does it mean to interact with energetics?

  • How does the science of energetics work?

  • What are the consequences of knowing about energetic interactions?

BTS Commentary:

 Available to the public on 2013-12-11

Available to the public on 2013-12-09