Original Logdate: 2010-12-31

Creator Category: Above Secret

Resonance: MOTHER

Subject Category: IN-Review

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Welcome to IN-Review 

This is a section designed for individuals that wish to understandand and comprehend an overview of what is happening with Become the Source.

Agents, Associates, and The Collective (as well as others) can visit this area from time to time in order to get an understanding of what is going on with all of our team members, our research, as well as be able to get an overview of the state and conditions of your world.

Articles will be updated periodically on a "Need to Know Basis". If you are an individual, singularity, student, or contributor, this may be a very good place to get a overall understanding of what is happening during any specific moments or set of articles that may have been written either present or past.


How to track your articles:

Articles will be listed in the following manner:


AR (Article) = this is the nomenclature that defines the type of instrument that you are reading.

Z = this means "cleared for public reading"

2012 = this is the year the article is presented for review

11 = this is the month the article is presented for review

21 = this is the day the article is presented for review


The purpose of this section:

The purpose of this section is to provide individuals with an idea and an overview of all of the research presented by our avatars. It is often intended as a secondary means to unify information that is presented by LUNA 9,The NOVIE or ELLE-1, as well as The BOSS.

Most often humans have the difficulty of understanding multiple focal points or multiple perspectives within a single instance. Therefore, this section is responsible for creating a conceptual visualization or realization about a group of topics. Hence, the title IN-Review.