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Original Logdate: 2010-12-31

Creator Category Above Secret

Resonance: MOTHER 

Subject Category: Cafe Vuja Vuja:

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Welcome to Cafe Vuja Vuja.

I am your host, MOTHER. Agents, please activate your decoders. 


Cafe Vuja Vuja is a section for those seeking interpretations to the expressions you call movies, books and the arts. These interpretations are designed for those that wish to see them from the perspectives of the many entities and efforts behind Become the Source. 

Interpretations of movies and books are based on the research and investigations of the Agents, Associates, and the rest of the Collective consciousness.


Purpose of the Section



Multi-Dimensional Perspectives

It is understood that the meanings of movies and books change depending on the entity who is watching and reading. The perspectives presented here are designed not for mere entertainment, but for seeing these works of art as visual examples of concepts and terms designed to help you live life on your terms and create your reality. It is our hope that you gain additional appreciation for these workds of art and application of the knowledge presented here.


What You'll Find Here



In this section, we have included multi-media presentations in the review and interpretation of books and movies and other works of art.

Although the recent research has been focused on movies, you will also find reviews and interpretations on books, graphic novels, TV shows, songs, music, and other forms of multi-media. We realize that human beings are not limited to one culture; therefore, we have taken into consideration works of art from many cultures and time periods.

We have divided the reviews and interpretations into two main sections: reviews given in LifeCasts, and the artcies written to accompany them.