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Welcome to HumanaCon

"Humanity Upgrade 2.0"


HumanaCon works together with numerous associations in order to bring you the absolute best in academic studies and research as well as self enhancement and improvement.

We have made it extremely easy for Venues and other forms of educators to be able to collaborate and enhancing general knowledge as well as academic knowledge. At HumanaCon, we believe that the world begins with each and every one of you.

Read through our articles in order to maintain a very good and common understanding what courses are available as well as what you need to do to prepare for taking them and passing them successfully.

HumanaCon is a Meta-Cognitive Alliances which has allowed us to exist and participate in field of education had not commonly found in traditional school structures.

Here you will find self enhancement education, courses that will assist you to understand how the human body functions in a practical manner, theology, Courses and education on social conditioning, theology, religion, esoteric knowledge, and much more.

Thanks to Become the Source, and allied partnership, Novism Synergy Alliances is able to bring you free courses periodically from the creators and producers of iRadio - Become the Source.

Welcome aboard NovI!!