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LifeCast 2013-12-02 TAF - Construct: Basic Breakdown

T.A.F. - Construct: Basic Breakdown

LifeCast 2013-12-02

Mother requests information concerning the definition, functionality, and intended purpose of the Construct based on OFF-World knowledge. Her directive is to allow members of the BTS team to disseminate information concerning what constitutes as a Construct, why it is here, and what are the roles of the humana singularities, since there is little to no awareness and knowledge of the Construct among the Limited Consciousness Humana.


It appears that this lack of awareness has caused further downward spirals and stagnation, while knowledge and awareness of the Construct is one of the first steps towards expansion and a new freedom for the humana singularity living within the Limited Consciousness Humana.




The complexities of the humana singularity perspective have affected the mass perspectives of the humana collective. This total accumulation of multiple perspectives melding together to form a collective perspective, we call the limited consciousness humana. As such, the limited consciousness humana has imprisoned itself within its own perspectives that lead towards stagnation, fear, separation, and karmic cycles. In addition to this, many entities within the construct and outside the construct have used the limited consciousness humana in a way that keeps it in stagnation, for their own service to self purposes.

Using resources such as:


  • Course of Miracles
  • Dr. Rocco Errico
  • I AM RA
  • Conversations with God
  • OFF-World Contacts
  • The BOEK
  • Cross referencing through various psychology and behavioral articles, publications, theories, and reference materials
  • More…

The Directive


Mother: Dissemination Information for the purpose of aiding Humana Limited Singularities through the disarming of the Egoic System. DV is a matter of concern on this transmission. M.O.T.H.E.R. requests the provision of EASY Navigation through the Construct for those individuals which are still active within the Illusion of the Construct.


Points to discuss are as follows:


  • What is the construct as defined by TAF and OFF-World contacts?

  • What aspects and objects does the Construct include?

  • What aspects and objects does the Construct not include?

  • What are the limitations of the Construct?

  • How do humana singularities function within the Construct?

  • What is the Matrix?

  • Why is it important to know this information?

BTS Commentary:


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