Placing Your Order


How To Order:


URHealth, the BTS Team, TeamNovism, and Youngevity are here to assist you on your journey of achieving your personal optimal health along with an optimal personalized lifestyle.

Become the Source provides you with the opportunity of creating a more profitable experience that is designed to nourish your mind and body through natural minerals and supplements by introducing Youngevity.




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L.U.N.A. 9 

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Ordering is Easy!

  • Click on [Order]
  • Find your product
  • Purchase it
  • It's delivered to Your Home
  • The Novie, Luna 9, or ELLE-1 is notified





(1) Method One - I Know My Symptoms


I Don’t Know What I Need, But I Know What my Symptoms are.

This is the most common method of ordering, due to the lack of understanding, information provided and help that is offered by most companies. 

Depending on the level of participation and the method of sales companies choose, the deficit of data mentioned leads to this being the most common method of ordering.

Become the Source Makes it Easy for You to get the Answers that You Need.

Here Are the Steps:

  • Ask for assistance on LiveChat, get the answer(s) You need
    • Assistance available on type(s) of mineral(s) and/ or nutrient(s) needed based on symptons and deficiency
    • Looking for information? No problem !!! As a member of BTS, you have access to our Associates and Consultants, We are Here for You!
  • Post on PeopleXpress
    • PeopleXpress is a Messaging Program
      • Chat with our members, find out the information you're looking for!
    • As a member or BTS, you can also have access to BTS URHealth Associates and Consultants
  • Read through our Testimonials
    • Check out our close-call stories and "on-a-daily" stories! See How You Can Enhance Your Overall Life Experience As Well !!!
  • Go to Youngevity
    • Browse & See what great products are in store for You!
  • Pick out the product that's right for you!




(2) Method Two - I Know What I Want to Buy


I Know What I Want!!

Thanks to the many companies that have attempted to assist in the distribution of health and wellness products, the means of getting the minerals and vitamins necessary for a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis have been facilitated.

Also, the fact that some individuals may have heard doctors using the social media to give individuals the right idea of what they need, like by appearing on television and bringing these issues to light, or by writing articles concering these topics, these very mediums have brought attention to these products.

However, the average consumer may lack the information needed in order to compute the importance of the quality of the product and the specific information within the product that is disclosed that can help save your life.

Here at  Become the Source along with Youngevity, We Work With You in order to ensure your full satisfaction on the information and product(s) that it is You Desire and Need.

Here are the Easy Steps:

  1. Go to Youngevity or Go to Order Cart under URHealth (Pick member you wish to purchase from)
  2. Click on the desired product
  3. Go to Add Cart
  4. Check quantity of the product
  5. Fill out Billing and Shipping information
  6. Select a Payment Method
  7. Select a Shipping Method
  8. Confirm Your Order!!!


(3) Method Three - As an Associate (TeamNovism)


I just joined as an Associate and would like some help with my order as well as understand how I can receive my discount.

Thank you in advance for becoming part of the solution in the advancement of the Humana Singularity Consciousness. You may not be aware of it, but you will be:

  • Saving money on Every Purchase
  • Eligible for Free-Shipping
  • Have Auto-Shipping that will help you save money and time
  • Have access to online support from Youngevity as well as BTS
  • Have the option to sell products and become part of achieving a secondary financial income
  • Be the owner of your own home business


The cost for all of these benefits is only $10.00!!!


Here are the options:

  • Check with the person who helped enroll You in Youngevity 
  • Use Adnales - by Product or Adnales - by Symptoms
  • Send e-mail to Become the Source(BTS) member of your choice
  • Use PeopleXpress 
  • Use LiveChat
  • Call Dr. Joel Wallach