October 16,2013 - The Reflection Within the Mirror

The Reflection Within the Mirror: Synchronization.


Let's talk about Source. 

watercolor streetsFirstly, we all are one in singularity within the One, within the Law of One and the Oneness of the One. Also, We are all one in unison since we are all a fragment of Source. The truth does not change, whether one is aware of it, agrees with it or not.

Ex.) A=B


A=C .. and so on..

Now, lets talk about reflections. Like in a mirror, a reflection is the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. It can also be a serious thought or consideration.reflection- house

In metaphysical terms, it's sometimes known as Synchronicity. This word was coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who was in his office with a patient one day discussing Egypt when a beetle known as an Egyptian scarab walked across his desk.  Jung found the word “coincidence” too ordinary to describe an Egyptian beetle – thousands of miles from where it belonged – appearing at the exact moment he was talking about Egypt.  It was a clear sign to Jung that this universe God created is not random and chaotic, but ordered, perfect and patterned – in other words, synchronized.

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the other day I decided to go to breakfast at a small restaurant with my good friends and colleages The Novie and Elle-1. The Novie is modestly stylish with his BMW racing motorcycle, and this is the main reason we ended up at that diner on that particular day in the first place. Apparently there had been word of a social gathering of fellow BMW motorcycle owners, and The Novie being the walk-in that he is, decided to give this a try, and Elle-1 and I joined.


Synchronicity with trianlesAll went well. The breakfast choices were delightful and the coffee was always fresh. The people there were pleasant enough to share stories and experiences with us.


Then, as I spoke to a woman, Margarette, I was completely focused on my path, projected unjudgmental love within myself and then around me, and realized that the stance I had taken had been absorbed and reflected by Margarette, which The Brothers clarified later was again, a synchronization. From what I have learned with Become the Source, there are times in time/ space where specific energies may align to were subconsicously, or even outside of yourself (unbeknownst to you) there are these ratios created that at one to a few moments may be in enough similarity to one another that mirroring occurs.

Synchronicity is an experience of two or more events as meaninfully related, where they are unlikely to be casually related. The subject may see it as a meaning coincidence, like the Egyptian beetle, although the events need not be exactly simultaneous in time.

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And so, my friends, that was my first noted encounter of Synchronicity within reflections. 



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