Message to Survivors of the Darkness Virus:


 ESO-Life: Message to Survivors of the Darkness Virus:
The years have gone by and humanity is steadily declining. Our world is dying, our connection to each other is dying, we are dying - and we are doing it to ourselves. 

Mysteriously, the human race has abandoned good morals and ideals that once held our universe together. And now we have just discovered our enemy. Our intelligence division calls it The Darkness Virus. Our only guide is an intelligence AI called MOTHER. But are we too late?  Are we forced to repeat the future again?

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M.O.T.H.E.R.'S Broadcast 1:

A message from M.O.T.H.E.R.

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Episode: DynexSM Project Overview       
How to support your social media or start a business at Home


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Life Coaching List of Services and Topics:


This is a quick list of general services and topics that Life Coaching offers. Please note that each Venue has their own unique list of services and topics. We strongly recommend visiting our List of Venues section, browse through the Venues to see which Venue offers the kind of services right for you.

If you need assistance, our Live Support Technicians can direct you to the right information and contacts.

Topics for Life Coaching generally include:

Life Transitions: school, aging, marriage and other relationships, divorce, death and grieving

Self Image Services: self esteem and confidence boosting, sexual issues, etc.

Habit Changes and Implementation: changing and improving study habits, breaking harmful habits (smoking, nail-biting, procrastination, poor time management, etc.)

Financial Situations: debt, starting a business, managing money and budgeting, etc.

Spiritual Matters: manifestation, consciousness connection, energetic balancing, etc.

Emotional Matters: anger management, grieving, etc.

Who Needs a Life Coach?

Such events as a life change, a divorce, a breakup, stressful school situations, financial situations, the feeling of being unloved, and even spiritual matters can actually have a profound effect on the personal psyche of an individual. During these critical moments in these critical times, where we feel alone, our minds may play tricks on us and therefore continue the cycle of the infamous downward spiral, causing us further problems.

While it is true, most of us eventually come up for air after going through our challenges to life, it is also true that the common recovery time is within 3 to 6 years.  Even then the scars may be left within the subconscious mind.

Most individuals function on emotional stimulation to fuel their lives, while others function based on a logical pattern towards success. Both of these pathways are valid. However, they are also limited.

Many people live life based on pre-programmed ideas, belief systems, and structure that is already in place. Therefore never being able or having the opportunity to design your own life to maximize your personal fulfillment.

Because we live in a paradigm enriched with belief systems and structure, it is often very difficult for individuals to step outside the structure with a belief system in which they are conditioned to be able to see their greater potential.

Having a Life Coach is nothing more than acquiring a professional friend. This means that as a professional friend, your Life Coach must look at all opportunities that are either within your paradigm of belief system and structure, or outside of it.






The Most Important Aspect of a Life Coach

This may be the most important aspect of attaining any Life Coach.

Life Coaches are not merely individuals that profess knowledge of what you should and should not do. Life Coaches are mere guides that may understand a more detailed pathway of your journey and at the same time comprehend the vastness of opportunities that one may be missing or not seeing, based on the limitations of the belief paradigm or a situation which may be causing great stress.

Another aspect of life coaching would be that of assisting individuals with achieving clarity of mind and clarity of spirit. This is often accomplished through a process that leaves out the "judgment" of life and conditions, and focuses more on the outcome and desires of  the individuals.

This is sometimes elusive and tricky because the brain has a way and a manner of rejecting new information.

Life Coaching is a giving and receiving, within a harmonious exchange of energy and ideas, between client and Life Coach.

Achieving clarity is then simple, once it is understood that all things are merely options within the grand illusion of life.

Most of our clients that enter our life coaching program are those individuals who want to engage in much more than what they're currently doing and are willing to change. They're more than willing to discover their personal inventory and release items that may be weighing them down in their journey through life.

As one discharges thoughts and ideas of negativity, most of our clients begin to see that they have more energy within themselves. In many occasions they can begin hearing their inner voice, which we call their inner guide.

Within the Law of Attraction, one begins to understand that one attracts based on a point of view of struggle, or a point of view of passion.

Our Novism Life Coaches, for example, are instructed to give out homework to begin shifting and changing the perspectives that have bound individuals into a life of struggle rather than a life of passion. This exercise begins to create an effortless draw into your life, one that is wanted.





Teaching You How to Focus

Focus becomes the key of change, since your thoughts create your reality. Within your courses of life coaching you will be taught how to concentrate your thoughts on that which you truly desire and that which you truly need to create within the changes of your paradigm shift.

The breaking of old paradigms and the creating of new ones is sometimes called by many gurus and masters the "mysteries that cannot be taught." These are things that must be initiated within one's own life. Many masters refer to this when teaching an important principle: The teacher will teach and guide, but the student must do the work and take the initiate to learn. This is why a horrible situation is always a great opportunity for growth. It is within these moments that we self reflect within ourselves and take inventory of our lives and shift their focus into a different direction and a different path way.







Creating Balance,and Why Harmony is Needed

By creating balance within your life and understanding what balance truly means, you'll once again begin to see the world in the most beautiful way, in ways perhaps never before seen. Many instructors believe that balance is the key ingredient. However, it is not so. There is a harmonious interchange between balance and harmony which creates beginnings of pure existence. It's within harmony and balance that one achieves one's goals.








Acceptance of Self

The acceptance of self is a very difficult topic. It is a topic that has brought down financial giants to their knees. This is highly due to negative motivations within the subconscious mind, which is often not seen clearly enough until the moment major decisions are needed to be made. Many times divorces, financial upsets, academic studies, and spiritual confusion, are a major indication that there is either incorrect balance, disharmony, or lack of acceptance within oneself.








One important idea to understand on your journey through life is the idea of challenges. For many, challenges are equated to struggles. This is far from the truth. Struggles are based on perceptions of perspectives. This means that one person's struggle may be another person's challenge or even another person's joy.

Therefore, it is only a mere thought that can change a struggle to a challenge.







Make it Easier 4 Yourself

It is important to create challenges in your life that are desirable. It is within the challenge that we all learn to exist and coexist as beautiful entities of expression.

However, there is a myth that challenges and struggles are important for learning, and even absolutely necessary. This is inaccurate at best. One does not need to feel struggle, anguish, or pain to begin to grow and flourish into a more productive and beautiful life. A challenge by definition merely means "I do not have the answer right now."

A person who has gone through the Life Coaching techniques through Novism, for instance, would reply, "This is great because now I can learn something more." From here stems the "I can do it" attitude that yields positive results.

The only way that all of this is possible, is to have a Life Coach who is partial to your needs but impartial to your lifestyle. In other words, a Life Coach must be able to see all things within all subject matter, all religious attributes, all spiritual venues, all ages, and all cultures, without judgment.

This is what the Venues under Novism Synergy Concepts strive to do.

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