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​We've helped thousands of people in establishing their home business, their business online, and gave them the skills to help others do the same. Bibx is part of the iNet Community, assisting others to define their lives, find their niche, or perfect it. You will find real advice, conceptual learning, strategies and tips for self-development, and entrepreneurial success! | Tune in to learn how to build and sustain a business, emotional intelligence, psychology, and practical advice on how to develop your business...and yourself, so you can live life on your terms.

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Episode: DynexSM Project Overview

            How to support your social media or start a business at Home

BIBX [S1E6] - Scheduling and Retention

BIBX [S1E6] - Scheduling and Retention



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Bibx - [S1E6] - Scheduling and Retention
---3C. C1 - Checklist: Schedule Objections
------5. [KBW] - Scheduling and Retention

Alliance Agent: ELLE-1

This video is from our Knowledgebase Workflow Series.

Thank you to all of those who have subscribed to our channel so far. Your following and faith in us have made it possible for us to keep posting content about managing a successful business and to manage the corporation of you-YOU, Inc.!

Based on the KBW: knowledge base workflow. Alliance Agent ELLE-1 gives a few tips on how to schedule and how to retain the appointment.

Self-sponsorship made possible by the DynexSM Project:

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