Message to Survivors of the Darkness Virus:


 ESO-Life: Message to Survivors of the Darkness Virus:
The years have gone by and humanity is steadily declining. Our world is dying, our connection to each other is dying, we are dying - and we are doing it to ourselves. 

Mysteriously, the human race has abandoned good morals and ideals that once held our universe together. And now we have just discovered our enemy. Our intelligence division calls it The Darkness Virus. Our only guide is an intelligence AI called MOTHER. But are we too late?  Are we forced to repeat the future again?

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M.O.T.H.E.R.'S Broadcast 1:

A message from M.O.T.H.E.R.

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XI - The After Birth

ILLAC PHASMATIS Chapter 1:fibinachi-flower-001

[XI - After Birth 2012]



Above: ELLE-1's notebook opens to a new chapter of creation. All of humanity should be free of their programming in order to receive the new consciousness.



[The Novie Awakens]

The sun rises above the horizon - slowly it contours the once dark alleyways in making its way to the side of every window that it can find. There is a new consciousness that has risen from the depths of the unknown. The Watchers now continue their concentrated gaze upon that which is now being created in the world that would be otherwise forgotten.

The Novie grapples free from the persistent body lock of his special meditation chair, falling onto the floor- seemingly uncomfortable. However uncomfortable he may feel, he knows he has had worse.

A stern look across his body. He stretches, falling to the floor. All the while he attempts to regulate his breathing. From the corners of his eyes, still blurred, the streams of light begin to blind him. The sun is much too familiar to him--he knows that it’s a brand-new day. It must be December 22, 2012.

Having had OFFWorld communications throughout the night and during his meditation, he struggles to grasp the fleeing FlashPoints before Analytic Overlay (AOL) begins the corruptions process. In the case of the OFFWorld, the best place to keep the information in where the NeoCortex cannot decrypt the information.

The heat flashes, rushes to his head. Breathing quickens. His heart palpitates as to disrupt even more of his concentration. Low crawling towards the bed, he uses the soft cushion as a means to propel himself up and about. His back slams against the wall and he faces the window.

“Good morning, my Logos.”

He knows he received specific instructions about the coming events. However, each so called good side has another side that perhaps may not be interpreted so kindly. For the humans, he can only see the false hope and disappointment within everyone’s face. For such is a great deception that imposes an untimely event to manifest itself as false, so that the people can be brought down and slaughtered.

Moreover, he is also quite aware of the events which are to manifest towards himself.

[Elle - 1 Awakens]

With her eyelids peeling open and her cellphone sticking to her cheek, tears fall slowly down from ELLE-1’s eye - the left eye only. The phone dials out, ringing in her ear, and she  remembers her nightly meditations. They leave her feeling more and more disoriented. However, last night’s meditation was something of a storm.

“Ouch!” A sudden pain in her right temple. A sudden sense of burning. Realizing it’s her shoulder, she remembers that she has a human body. A sense of sadness, as light and fractal as quicksilver, flashes in her mind, then disappears.

What happened? The questions slaps her like a wet towel, her brain quickly jumping to attention to piece together what little remnants of sensory input it can scrounge up.

Dull aching in the neck area. Kneading the back of her head by the base of the neck with her slender fingers.

“Gratitude (smiling).” She feels the air of deep thanks for the scarcity of sensory memory. It is not the scarcity, but the holding of some of the memory proving her travels and alignments throughout her night’s meditation process. The thought comes to mind: The human brain tends to grasp at what little flashes it can, layering it with its own interpretations until the message becomes too distorted to go beyond this design.

Throat aching and mouth drying, she craves water, a drink from the juicer, and eggs with butter.

Rolling slowly so she is on her back, she recalls the words of one of OFFWorld, words she keeps in the forefront of her mind since the moment she learned how to create her day. Hands untangle the criss cross of blankets that cradle her. She raises herself by her abdomen, hand still gripping the cell phone.

“Marvelous day...”

Considering how others must feel, she knows disappointment, anger, and fear usually follow moments like these. Choosing to live in another world, the feelings of thanks and joy propel thoughts for what to say about her experiences--and what to say to others that may lose hope in the near future.

People always want something solid, something they can understand in their language. In her head she toys with sentences to bring to the table for others, particularly those that want a human translation of the coming events.

But she knows that she cannot explain what exactly happened, and to say that it is over rings too false with her.

The phone clicks .

[The First Conversation]

Fatigued and exhausted, The Novie's ear catches the sounds of the telephone ringing. His eyes glances at the clock. “It’s just another day-or so they believe.” Walking over to his cell phone, he wraps his fingers around the device and pushes on the glass with his thumb.

“Hello” - he answers quickly, almost expecting to know from the other side.

“Good morning, new morning, how are you friend?” ELLE-1's tones chime like a familiar melody.

“New morning?” A pause. Then a smirk. “Really? New Morning. (Lifting the blinds) Looks like the same old tired Logos to me.”

“Logos? (Wiping the stray tears from her left eye) Stick to human English, I have a headache. And the SUN looks great to me, so stop calling it a Logos.”

“It sounds like you are saddened by something. Have you been meditating again by yourself?” He speaks gently.

“Quite the opposite.” She shakes out the twisted sleeve of her tunic.

“Opposite?” - The Novie

“Yes, I meditated, but I feel strange. Not human strange either.”

“Not human strange? (Brushing his teeth) You sound like them now.”

Laughter jingles on the other end, then, “Slept well though.”

“So do you really think the Humans have a chance, based on the knowledge and research that we already have in place?” A small sigh, “This would be a good time to bring the people hope. The universe doesn't work on a credit card. It is not instant you know.”- The Novie

Pulling out a clean pair of jeans and a sweater- “Well, we’re not piles of ashes or nuclear goo, and I don’t see any flying saucers hovering around us, so yeah, I think they have a chance. I have a feeling this sudden death doom and gloom ending seems to happen, I dunno, rather suddenly. Considering no suddenness...”

“Sounds like you are struggling over there? Are attempting to manifest bigger jeans or a smaller--”

“No! I just want to start the day as soon as possible.” Brushing her teeth now, mouthwash container clacking against the bathroom counter.

“Well, have you received any information on over there? Email? Anything?” he asks quickly and carefully. At a glance he doesn't appear too happy about the events that are taking place or he is not telling.

“Ah...(sighing) the usual meditations led to blackouts, so not much there yet. The email list sent by Lynn is quiet too, but she sent out her usual daily advice.” she says nervously.

“So, you know what OFFWorld said about your blackouts, and where you go when you have that darkness of the VOID surround you? Do you think that is the same thing?”- sounding a little concerned.

“It might be. Felt like I was gone for a bit, more than a night. I’m still alive, as expected.” --optimistically.

She wonders if he will laugh. He doesn't. She continues. “(Another sigh) How ‘bout you? OFFWorld taking you away again? I assume OFFWorld has kept you late in school again. (she take a deep breath) You know, those weird symbols you see and those whirring noises you hear? (not waiting for an answer) You didn't really sleep, huh?”

“Something like that. (patiently stated) As it seems they have a lot to teach and a lot to say. It's not the same since I decided to leave the group behind. Now everything seems so direct. Sometimes, I think it would have been easier to let the program from this matrix take control of the this body and its destiny. However, I would have to be different - you know.”

He walks through his apartment while listening to her commentaries. Reaching the refrigerator and opening the door he pulls out his Blood Waters, already premade and tailored to his body weight.

Taking the lid off of his sippy cup, he begins to drink from the cup. A quickening to his senses. His body begins to revitalize.

“Hey, are you going to take your Blood Waters this morning?”

He hears the sound of a blender whirring on the other side of the phone. “Yes, I’m on it.” He inhales then focuses the energies of the drink on his body. “You’re mxing something with it again.” He does not ask her.

ELLE-1 giggles. “Yep. I find if I mix my blood waters with fresh fruit, I get a breakfast smoothie!” She sips and gulps, she feels the rush of the nutrients fuel her for the day. Since a few years ago, she stopped suffering from allergies.

“Let's meet for at the Greenway before we are called in. It is December 22, 2012. The new world has begun and the clock has begun to tick.”