XII - Meeting on the Greenway


 [XII - Meeting on the Greenway 2012]



Above: ELLE-1 watches the Novie on leaving the highway.


In the near distance, ELLE-1 sees the NOVIE approaching in the BMW S1000RR. He hugs the highway curves leading onto the roads below that would and will eventually lead him to where she waits for him to arrive.

She pulls out her cellphone and pushes a few buttons. She watches as he carefully hugs a 35 mile an hour curve at 98 miles per hour. His body leans slightly counter clockwise from the actual angle of the motorcycle. His high gloss leather and matted black helmet make for a contrast of everything he stands for.

Many look upon him like an angle that can bring the world the greater knowledge, while the contrast is his stark shadow that moves about like a demon on two wheels. By no means does his movement resemble someone who wants to be. He simply is.

The bike and its rider stop at the red light and pause for a moment. She watches the light turn green and makes a quick glance towards the her phone. Raising her eyes she catches him raising his visor and come through the newly built greenway.

The bike comes to a slow halt, the roar of the engine silences, and he pulls off his helmet.

His fragile eye tell the story of an entity trapped in a body that is still quite foreign and a world that is still foreign. Like old friends, the look at each other patiently, waiting for the other to break the silence.

“Hello.” - She is the first to speak.

“Hi there, partner.” - He answers her quickly but lovingly.

“Your time improved by 20 seconds.”

“Did you count - “

“Counted the light.”

“Well, I guess that is good. So you look better in person than I imagined you to be. You sounded pretty bad on the phone.”

“Well Mr. Entity, you look just as bad as I (Framing him with her fingers) pictured you to be.” - She smiles.

“I see that you are getting used to your Z4. It’s a nice machine.” - He smirks towards her directions after tracing the contours of the white car carefully with his eyes.

She enjoys the sight of the Z4 for a few moments herself, then asks him, “Do you like humans as much as you like machines?”

“Humans are also machines. What are you talking about?”

“I'm talking about the fact that you seem out of touch with the audience during the LifeCasts. They need someone like you to help them understand that they are more than just humans.”


“Come on ELLE-1. (he looks up at the chemical trails) You know that if the mind gets involved with a question, the mind will create the equation. This is my last trip here.”

“You mean you have been here before?”


“Why don’t you want to like it here? Or why don’t you go back to the Tantums that once ran free on that planet of yours?”

“ELLE-1, you know that these matters are complicated. My planet was overtaken by the Draco in a time that is not so linear to this timeline. In this body I can’t even remember what has happened in their so called time."

“Why can’t you ask OFFWorld?" 


“I know. They are not here to answer mundane human questions. But don’t you care or even have a bit of curiosity?"

“No. You know what happens when you pose the question to the Matrix of the probability/ possibility.”


“See what?”

“See?” - she pushes at him.

“No, you sound redundant. Problems with your programming?” - He points to her head.

“This is the stuff you should be touching on. When you're on the LifeCast, I mean.” she swings her bag off her shoulders and placed it in front of her.

“What, and tell the Agents that their lives might just be as meaningful than what they already feel? You know what happens to the heart if there is no hope? (deep breath) Right? (pushing her shoulder) Right??” - The Novie

(Reaching into her bag) “Well, if you won’t then I will. (Pulls out from it a black leather bound book). Let’s see here...(flipping through the graph lined pages to a blank one). You speak of the idea of creating the reality by posing a question about something, (book leaning heavily on her left palm) which in turn goes into the matrix of probability/possibility complex.” - She is confident in the way she moves.

She blazes through the graph paper and continues. “The issues arises--wait (crossing out a phrase) the complications arise when an entity, such as these humans you call them, have been programmed in such a way as to only react to what their programs create.”

Spinning around without looking up, ELLE-1 begins to walk down the greenway path. She does not look up, hands remain steady as she writes and walks.

“So, if people were to realize that their lives have been a reaction to programming, outside circumstances, as opposed to something they chose, they would...lose hope (dotting the period of her last sentence so hard it looks like a stab)."

Walking with her through the well manicured pathways of the greenway, The NOVIE struggles with the thought of being powerless to assist the Humans in their transitions. The information that has been passed through to him is often lost in the consciousness of the the mind. Very little remains in the brain. He knows that ELLE-1 is the hybrid and crossing the threshold of ascension and humanity. Already her intuition has increased dramatically. A small thought entered his mind as he brings from memory the thought of the Lorax who speaks for the trees. He glances at her and paints her in his imagination to appear orange.

A small chuckle and he continues to listen to the winds pushing itself through the trees.

His phone rings. Then hers. 

It’s the office. They look at each other and simultaneously push down on the response button.

“Hello? We will be there soon.”