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Location: - USO Undisclosed Location


Focus: CyberTokyo Welcoming Center

AV Michelle York


Welcome to Cyber Tokyo. My name is Michelle York.

For those of you joining us for the first time, allow me to thank you personally for taking the time and becoming a part of the revolutionary idea.

My name is Michelle York and I invite you to get to know our staff and other members of the Group.


Become the Source is a worldwide outreach program, teaching others about the most important things in life, Can you guess what that can be?


Cyber Tokyo, is no longer exactly the same as it used to be. In many cases may appear to be better. Our underwater facilities allow us to maintain our temporal integrity and have the very first MOTHER artifact that was contained in order to assist us with the guidance we need to understand our complicated world.

We appreciate very much that you have taken the time to reach out to our staff members, crewmembers, and other faculties.


About our station:

Our station is designed on the principles of integrity and unification. We have learned that the Darkness Virus uses multiple tactics on how to infiltrate and destroy, through a process called the unraveling, the things that we all hold dear.

We assure you that this location is one of the best locations in the known universe and is equipped with chaos technology that up to this point has resisted the Darkness Virus from infiltrating.



The location of this facility will be undisclosed unless you are a member of the faculty or a CAGI.

However, we're making every effort to educate you on the effects of the Darkness Virus through the use of several broadcasts depending on the temporal distortion in which you reside.


 Staff Members:

All of our staff members are experts in their fields of study. While some actually work in the interdimensional fields, acquiring knowledge and establishing communication, others work as agents who engage in creating benefits for humanity.



These are Character Assigned Graphic Identification symbols to use throughout our programming and our vessels in order to facilitate the vast variety of talent and other types of personal acquisitions of knowledge and mind. Feel free to browse around and read more about our supporting members.



 Agent Report by C1: Michelle York