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 The Darkness Virus

  Information Dissemination: Luna 9



cyberstation The Darkness Virus, in short term known as the DV (a Limited Consciousness which is ancient and unbeknownst to Humana), was present even prior to the creation of Terra Terra. It was within this space when this consciousness (DV) arrived at the edge of the universe and merely observed. While the creator gods continued to expand the science of Source, in Love and Light, this consciousness (DV) merely watched and observed all that they did. Though several attempts were made to commune with this limited consciousness from an unknown origin, the limited consciousness later known as Darkness, remained silent for 1.8 billion years. It remained there observing the creation of the world, the dimensions, the entities, and because this was a universe of love, there were no defenses nor was there a suspicion or idea of what it was capable of. So, slowly the consciousness embraced the limited consciousness of the creator gods causing competition, rivalry, disharmony, and ultimately resulting in a power structure. By the time the creator gods understood the Darkness Virus, altering stagnations had already begun in occurrence.

cyberstation  It was stated by the creator gods that the disharmony was so great that planets altered their original orbital position. Also, TerraTerra, in particular, remained in a state of stagnation remaining in the third dimension while its brother planets continued to evolve and expand past the third and fourth dimensions. 


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by Elora Gabriel


horuseye Heru: Approximately 1.3 to 1.8 billion years ago in your time, there was an invasion which occurred in a universe near this one - an invasion of darkness. What we will call darkness, for the purpose of these discussions, is a non-souled, non-living substance, antithetical in structure to the basic life inherent in every atom of Creation. It is not known where it comes from, or who or what designed it. It has the tendency to permeate anything that it touches, though some Beings have been able to resist it, at least in maintaining the purity of their spirit.

horuseye The Universes had never experienced conflict prior to this event, and therefore the membranes around them were only designed as containment of form and not as a protective barrier. I would liken this invasion to the effect of the bite of a poisonous spider or snake on the Human body. The original Universe which was affected then sickened, and essentially died in a very short period of time, almost immediately. Of the Beings living in it, those who could do so fled into the neighboring Universes, unknowingly bringing contamination with them. It was at that time that a small assemblage of Beings was sent to help. This group was not the one to which the Light Workers on Earth belong; this was prior to that time. The structure of the one dead Universe was collapsed and melted back into the All, with great sadness and solemn ceremony.

horuseye Those who had escaped seemed at that point largely unscathed. But from that time forward, the surrounding Universes began to experience some disharmony. And this began to grow and magnify, and spread rapidly, as there is much commerce between universes. This spread continued and did not seem overly alarming, just concerning. When this reached several thousand universes, it was decided that a concerted effort would be made to deal with the situation. Therefore a large group of Beings assembled, and that is most generally the group that the Readers here belong to - the group which we call the Light Workers. They arrived, each of them with their specialty and their mission, and began to do their work.


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cyberstation  An added function of the Darknes virus states the forces of the Universe being Service to Others (STO): Love and Light and Service to Self (STS): Fear and Separation, which were not within the original design and equation that is Terra Terra, a creation from the domino effect of the Darkness Virus. We are all one. In relation to humans and their colossal saturation within the Darkness Virus, deviation from Source through an untrained ego creates an effect that is self-sufficient due to confusion and lack of awareness resulting in self-destruction. The DV Consciousness encompasses such an exquisite design making it almost nonviable to succeed, based on the fact that leaders and singularities alike enforce their own unmovable beliefs and opinions to the brink of destruction.

cyberstation  Hence, Karma and its cycle seem to become a matter of fate solely on the reasonings of confusion, a variable that leaves entity singularities pondering on the idea that they have no choice in the matter. In actuality, each singularity is intended to expand from the clutches of Karma and its functions of retention in order to see past the veil of reality, which is an illusion in its own, and move on from the low-frequency third-density place we know as Terra Terra.



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heart2  So, the question has been asked by one of our own, Luna 9. The question is: How can Love have a defense when the system was originally designed to only know Love?


cyberstation  One aspect of this question is the fact that the Universes had never experienced turbulence or disagreement in terms of functions prior to this phenomenon, so therefore the membranes around them had a blueprint that would only be allowed from what it knew to operate as containment of form and not as a protective barricade to anything outside of its function. In addition, based on the primary objective that it has been decided for the dissemination information from the directive of M.O.T.H.E.R., it seems there are a few possible outcomes... One way to approach this would be an aspect as is in terms of the construct that is within Terra Terra. The Darkness virus has a function within Terra Terra that has the tendency to permeate anything that it touches, though some Beings have been able to resist it, at least in maintaining the purity of their spirit. In order to retain and maintain that purity of spirit, there are guidelines.

cyberstation  Firstly, the mind must be known to itself. If the mind knows itself then the most important aspect of healing has occured. Consciousness is the microcosm of the Law of One, which states We are All One. Secondly, understanding the disciplines of the body complexes. These understandings and disciplines have to do with the balance between Love and Wisdom in the use of the body in its natural functions. Thirdly, the spiritual. In this area the first two disciplines are connected through the attainment of contact with the intelligent infinity. In order for Love to have a defense against functions which collide with its own, it is of dyer importance to understand healing. Healing occurs when a body complex and human spirit realizes, deep within itself, the Law of One. That is, that there is no disharmony, no imperfection. Thus, the intelligent infinity within this body complex and human spirit re-forms the illusion of body, mind, or spirit to a form congruent with the Law of One.


cyberstation  The process of evolution is that our planetary population has a certain amount of time to progress. This is generally divided into three 25,000 year cycles. At the end of 75,000 years, the planet progresses itself. The intelligent energy that allows this offers a type of clock. The cycles move as precisely as a clock strikes your hour. Thus, this intelligent energy opens regardless of circumstances on the striking of the hour. Within each cycle, there's a function termed as the Karmic Cycle. The Karmic Cycle is the never-ending loop whose function is to retain the mind / body / spirit complex locked within the illusions of the construct within the construct of Terra Terra that leave you asking questions of belonging, purpose, etc. which the BTS Team calls The Ping Pong Game. This Ping Pong Game is a system the Darkness Virus contains that relies on judgment, assumption, disharmony, resentment, chemical discharges, etc. These exponents are the catalysts to the actions that keep one in a Limbo of playing with the construct back and forth and back and so forth.

cyberstation  If one wishes to depart from the experience that Terra Terra offers, one must consider The Harvesting. In the scheme of the Creator, the first step of the body complex and human spirit is to ensure proper healing of the complex and have an eventual attunement with the totality and beingness complexes. After this is accomplished the experience of the cycle is dissolved and filtered until only the distillation of distortions in its pure form remains. At this time, the harvested body compels and the human spirit evaluates the density needs of its beingness and chooses the more appropriate new environment for either a repetition of the cycle or a moving forward into the next cycle. This is the manner of The Harvesting, guarded, and watched over by many.


cyberstation  The Void is a sub-system termed as a place of contemplation when an entity passes away. This is the time when the contemplations made dictate the next destination of your experience. This causes a monumental detriment for the entities that inhabit Terra Terra due to the pollution of the Darkness Virus. Due to the fact that entities are mixed up in emotions, chemicals, confusion, untrained Egoic System conflicts, and so on, when the Void is reached it can be almost impossible to cut the Construct experience loose and move on to a more appropriate new environment outside of the Darkness Virus.

cyberstation  Although the Darkness Virus is not directly to blame, it is, however, the protagonist catalyst that causes the human complex to imprison the human spirit within and glitches the lower self and higher self. That glitch has been exploited and groups from different dimensions from outside and within Terra Terra.



cyberstation  According to Heru, the Darkness Virus has been so problematic since its discovery, that other entities for more combatic purposes of being light warriors in different aspects were commissioned in order to neutralize the Darkness Virus Effect. Also, Gods within higher life forms are no longer infected, nonetheless, the lower life forms (also termed as fragments) are still caught in the battle. This causes great strife amongst Creator Gods, and much talk has been done over free will in order to reverse the Darkness Virus Effect and free the enslaved within the body complex. Creator Gods have councils in order to educate lower realm consciousnesses for such a decision to be made. So the question is: Can Free Will be taken and fixed? The simple answer is No. It has already begun.

cyberstation  STS entities have often attempted to master the Dance of Source, an expression of existence, so therefore many masters have come down to educate the populous of lower realm singularity only to find death awaiting, worship, etc., despite all the teachings. 

cyberstation  During this confusion, entities from crossed dimensions have embraced the Terra design as a strong-hold for attempting to control the science of Source rather than embracing the dance. These cross-dimension entities are clever in deceiving councils that protect the existence of the Universe and infiltrate the minds of certain Humana singularities creating groups such as the Illuminati. From the viewpoint of Singularity Humana - simple military tactics have been performed in attempts to prevent the Humana Consciousness from reaching its “birthright” to expansion in becoming the God Self.



Our Mission: To provide the Humana Singularity Consciousness the opportunity of awakening.