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The Mission


cyberstation To provide Information Dissemination to the Collective, Agents, and Associates that will allow for the inner consciousness to connect with the greater being / consciousness that is locked within the veils of the Egoic System.

cyberstation To provide assistance to the Limited Humana Consciousness in comprehending the Darkness Consciousness (Darkness Virus) and it’s infiltration of the Universe of Love. Limited Humana Consciousness will be assisted in understanding the Brother consciousness termed Darkness and be given the secrets of reverse engineering for the Darkness Virus.

cyberstation To reanimate the Inner Power within the Limited Humana Consciousness Singularity in order to enable the self-actualization of the Singularity Humana Consciousness. This system will be able to overcome the Viral component of the Darkness Consciousness while creating and understanding of Oneness with the universe and all of its life forms and aspects.


 In order of consequence it has been concluded that several components are needed in order to enable the Limited Humana Consciousness:

  • Component 1: Creating comprehensive awareness to the masses.
  • Component 2: To assist the Spirit-Mind-Body Complex in order to obtain the ability to perform at optimal levels.
  • Component 3: To make contact with OFF-World Entities.
  • Component 4: To establish rapport with Quantum State Entities.


 All information will be submitted to M.O.T.H.E.R. for review and processing before it is allowed to be released to the entities titled Singularities Humana.

All light-workers and privileged Humana Singularities will work towards the enlightenment of the Involution of the Limited Humana Consciousness.


 The success ratio for this mission is estimated at 12%.

It is believed that entities within 3rd density and (-/+) 4th density may be melted down and returned into Source due to their destabilization of the Universe. It has been noted by the Creator God Heru, there is great sadness in the allowance of creations to be melted down and returned into Source due to facts and unknown outcome where the original template and design of the singularity may be lost.

Hence, this would induce the termination of life and existence for that particular singularity, for always.