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Daniel Godding

Daniel Godding

BTS Crew member  Daniel Godding





 Daniel Godding


Assignment: BTS Crew

Rank: First Intelligence Officer / Sciencer

Classification: Temporal and Dimensional Traveler



Daniel Godding is primarily responsible for interdimensional exploration and research leading to discovering the M.O.T.H.E.R. artifact.

His additional duties require him to maintain accurate details of findings that expand beyond his origins by placing them into what is known as the Vault.

Not primarily responsible for M.O.T.H.E.R.’s information dissemination, his reports are a key insight into the status of the Darkness Virus as he discovers it throughout the universe as well as the multiverse.

Additionally, he provides information to individuals of the DKV resistance.



Primary Missions:Godding Vault Profile Picture

  • Seeker of the M.O.T.H.E.R. artifact.
  • Retainment and recovery of knowledge through multi-dimensions and multiple universes for the creation of strategy against the Darkness Virus.
  • Keeper of the cumulative research material found in The Vault.


Additional Findings and Analysis:

Dr. Daniel Godding’s true age is unknown due to time travel, but he does speak of memories and displays mannerisms associated with Europe dating around the early twentieth century. 

He also possesses extensive knowledge of weaponry and arts both foreign and domestic, antiquated and alien. Dr. Daniel Godding’s travels make for an unpredictable schedule as far as making regular board meetings and meetings with the rest of the BTS Crew, but he is still seen nonetheless collaborating with various BTS crew members, including D’Avion, The BOSS, Michelle York, and The NOVIE. His regular traveling companion, Mischief, is an OFF-World entity and rumor has it she provides Dr. Godding with the conceptual knowledge and tools needed for surviving encounters with the agents of the Darkness Virus, but those have yet to be confirmed.


Also known as the sciencer and a multi-dimensional traveler, Daniel Godding 

His true age is unknown

Knowledge of weapons, foreign, antiquated, and aliens



Agent Report by E.L.L.E.- 1