BTS Crew:

   Dr. Orr

    (Human Construct D2)




Dr. Orr

Name: Dr. ORR

Location:USA - Illinois - Chicago

Specialties: URHealth, Living Now

Focus: Has been focusing on how people can start their own small businesses and be healthy in today's economy. 






It has been known to humanity that it has been under surveillance. The master consciousness, which most humans share only in a fraction of a fraction, was purposefully cracked into fragments in order to experiment with the potential of God and Time within Duality and Life. However, the fractals were carefully supervised by the Watchers who, when the time was right, could intervene with those to know the coded language of light and love. 

In the past, civilizations have been helped by extraterrestrials known as Brothers to sift through the chaos and the Darkness Virus and ascend into a higher mindset and consciousness and live better lives. In some cases, these Brothers have been known as Gods in various languages. In other cases, they have been known as Demons. Brothers from other regions of the universe contributed their knowledge to Terra Terra in order to allow for the expansion of the Mind of Source that was to be carefully molded to each individual creation. 

The Story Begins With a Flash of Light…..

The adventure will be challenging but how bright can the light emit?