av DanielGodding.jpgBTS: Brief History

Agent: Daniel Godding:

Narrative: Brief History.

The outcome of this mission is more than I had understood when I accepted to contribute my talents to this team.

As it appears the world is not as it seems. Despite humanity's better judgment Humans and other Races alike have been constantly leading to Zero Point. MOTHER has been a great asset in our discovery of this journey and I will continue to consult with her and extract as much information as possible.

The BOSS seems preoccupied with several matters at the moment. 

The Novie has become intolerable to handle within my interviews. His charismatic approach of the situation appears to concern my internal intellect, as sometimes I wonder which side he is working for. By this I mean, he seems to be more about systems and concepts than concerned with the fate of our ever-illusive construct.