The Short Book

by: D'Avion

Chapter IV 


The Fall of the Gods: The Rise of the Gods Part I



By now you can see that the madness within the confines of my mind is beginning to make sense. However, there was more about the dream that needed to be discovered. By understanding cause and effect and the way systems work, I discovered that there was a great deal of error in the way life within the dream presented itself.


When we look at our children, we see something we call innocence. However, in a world without evaluation systems and judgment, the innocence is no longer there. Why?


If I asked a fish about innocence, he would not know what to answer. He might as well swim away. If I would ask a star about innocence, it would merely shine against a sea of stars. At the same time the fish would not think of himself better than any other fish. The star would only do as the star does, which is to shine. Neither the fish nor the star are all that affected by whether you see them or not. They merely exist.


So where or how could we look upon a child and call the child innocent? Did the meaning of the word exist outside of my perspective? I believe that is what is meant when it is said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". We view the world and the actions of other people using the inaccurate tools of judgment and perspectives.


I say again the world is what is in the dream, in perspectives, because of their changing abilities and instability are not consistent with anything outside oneself. Hence, this is only a dream, and the items outside oneself are illusions.


This is to say that belief systems are learned and imbedded into the brain. This has been proven by psychologists and other Worshipped Dreamers. However, for them to be able to create an inception the worshipped dreamers would have to create a serious of manufactured illusions that connect to the association which where also created by the Worshipped Dreamers.


Brace yourself please.


If this is correct and has been proven, this could definitely explain that while I am in the beaches of Europe, there is full nudity on the beaches and in America I am placed in jail if I so much as remove my bathing suit.


The fact that the two places behave differently is merely a choice created by the majority of the social conditioning. However, that conditioning was trained into people.


That is to say that if you live in Europe the people there would say that Americans are immoral because they limit your freedom. And from the perspective of an American, Europeans are immoral because they show their flesh.


However, there is a peace of reasoning that I could not comprehend. If we are all human, how can one person call the other person immoral? If you reconstructed it like a mathematical equation, they would both be immoral or neither would be immoral.


Simply put, one perspective could never be better than the other in a real sense. Perspectives then have only one use: To bring about control.


If this could be understood, then it would be easy to understand that War makes no sense other than to establish control. Do we need control? I asked myself over and over for many years. Until I began to understand the bigger picture.


When you are a child you do not understand the larger picture, so the dreamers in charge assume the role of the Worshipped Dreamers. You can clearly see how perspectives easily change dreamer man and dreamer woman to Worshipped Dreamer "Mom" and Worshipped Dreamer "Dad". A form of intelligence is then created that is called the Ego within the dreamer child. The ego learns from the perspectives and the ideas that are brought forth from the Worshipped Dreamers.


The dreamer child grows into adulthood by comparing itself to other dreamers called friends, teachers, bosses, colleagues, spouses and companions. Each of the Worshipped Dreamers profess their associations and their perspectives to one another in hopes that they discover themselves. I found that odd.


So I needed to pay close attention to this statement.

As it seems all the dreamers, Worshipped Dreamers, Slave Dreamers, Anguished Dreamers, whoever, are all doing the same thing. Finally I could see the formula working: {1 +1 =2}.

Even though the perspectives were inconsistent, even though the belief systems were inconsistent, I found a route program that was consistent.

All dreamers were professing their discoveries, and when they grouped together they were so sure that they were correct that they created a serious of evaluations.


When the dreamers create associations, they were all doing it in this manner. At birth their concerns were of basics such as:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Sleep
  • Comfort
  • Love


Whenever any of these basic items of survival were needed, they simply communicated using vocalizations consisting of abrupt laughter and crying.

However, there was a psychic bonding between mother and child. This occurred only when the dreamer mother "tuned" herself to the energy body of the dreamer child.


This psychic bond diminishes as the dreamer child begins to realize that crying and laughing vocalizations are very limited, since the psychic bond is merely in the stages of generalities such as a cry for help and the feeling of love. The dreamer child cannot communicate efficiently that the bottle is too hot or that he only wants to be loved.


However, the ego begins to collectively calculate the experiences into groupings called associations and hence the learning begins. Mom and Dad, now Worshipped Dreamers because they yield the mighty sword that provides them food, love and shelter, are now in charge of teaching the ego of the child what is "good" and what is "bad". However, the Worshipped Dreamers titled "Mom" and "Dad" do this based on what they have learned and what they have experienced. Hence there is no knowledge at all. The word knowledge stems from knowing. Knowing is absolute and cannot be divided, hence one cannot teach from the knowing. One merely teaches from experiences that are partial to the importance of the individual which has created the associations of their experiences and so it begins.


When the dreamer child goes to school, they further condition the dreamer child with items of illusory consequence based on social associations. Here the dreamer child will discover that his Worshipped Dreamers called "parents" are not all that knowing. In fact, the dreamer child begins to learn that most of what the Worshipped Dreamers called "parents" say, can be easily challenged.


Soon the dreamer child rebels against authority, and decides to discover certain experiences on his own. Hence the birth of punishment and pain.


When the Ego of the Worshipped Dreamers called "parents" can no longer control the dreamer child, they resort to forced control. Again this pattern matched perfectly with the mathematical formulations of 1+1=2.


I began to suspect that all dreamers were going through the same problem. And so I asked, "Why?" I soon discovered the Gods.


Government, though this be an illusive term, because dreamers collected "in controlling form" create the government, also realized that there is a problem with perspectives and belief systems. They quickly understood that someone needed to prevent dreamers from chaos. So they invented controls and punishments. Again all governments behaved the same way. Again 1+1=2.


However, by creating controls based on perspectives rather than reality, they also created rebellions. Again 1+1=2.


I was finally understanding the flow of the dream!


Since logic was not enough, groups of so called churches and religions were created. I thought that perhaps they were creating these religions and governments out of the desire to help. But I soon saw, through reading and discovering hidden documents, and many other details, that this formula was not working. Just like the problem with the Doctors who ignored the Midwives, too many dreamers were disappearing into what was termed "Death" and "Poverty". Oddly enough as I heard the dreamers speak they were against death and poverty, at the same time they were creating fear and separation.


This was not mathematically correct. Fear and separation only created further destruction and chaos.


Where did religion and government come from? How did it arise?


Who was God?


Dude, where's my God?


It seemed that the closer I came to understanding the dream I was in, the more I wanted to leave the dream. Death seemed to appeal even to me at this point. The research I found on warfare, deception, television government, police tactics, the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and so much other areas of research, was just too overwhelming.


And so I fell into a depression quickly. I began to hate the dreamers around me. It seemed they were infected by a "destructive" virus and didn't even know it. Meanwhile the planet was slowly falling apart. The dream I was in was becoming dark and gloomy.


There were too many Gods on the planet, and none of them would speak up and talk to me.


No one could show me the reason for this insanity that I have learned to call a virus.


Love was an unknown term on this planet. Everyone "loved" someone else, only if you agreed with their perspectives and their associations. How sad and grim the planet was! And where was God in all of this?


According to the text, God was good and seemingly perfect.


I thought about it logically for several months and continued to read and research. I noticed that the other dreamers pretended to be content with having none of their questions answered and following whatever the government, religion, employers, mother, father, and relationships told them to do. But that was not even true. The dreamers were also busy being angry and upset at the other dreamers and found other dreamers in which to take out their frustrations.


Again 1+1=2. What was the answer?


After suffering several months of slugging through the depression, I began to understand the bigger picture. I figured out that I was still a dreamer child. If I were a dreamer child, then the formula 1+1=2 worked again. But if I were a dreamer child, then who was my Worshipped Dreamer called "father"?


Who was my Worshipped Dreamer called "mother"?


What was the illusion that I was having?


How could I find more?


For years previous to this, I discovered that the churches were using a Bible that was incorrectly translated and in many cases purposely wordsmithed and manipulated. One of the first items that I discovered was that there was no such thing as "sin" in the earliest translations of the Bible. Now I have to admit, that was impressive at first. "No sin?" If there was no sin, then how was it that there was good and bad and why all the separation? However, it made sense again. Once more 1+1=2.


You see, if there was "No Sin" then that would explain why so there were many religions. Each religion made and constructed their own version of "the exception to the rule".


And because God never really introduced himself, that would explain the many imposters. Then if there were many imposters, that would explain the reason why the churches created fear and separation. It was just like the business corporations. They too created fear and separation so you would buy their products. By using associations and perspectives based on the individual's life, they were able to manipulate words and impress them upon the individual dreamers. This sounded like a real lead to me, but I needed more proof. After all, I was a dreamer too. I knew I was limited.


I knew I was creating associations. I knew I had Worshipped Dreamers in my life. I knew that I had been conditioned by school, government, religion, and so much more. However, the thought was appealing to me, since the formula was once again back into synchronization.




I also knew that without a full understanding of what I was discovering, I would go insane. After all, the ego could have built its world around associations, beliefs, and perspectives. What would happen to me as a dreamer if I would take away those items I was accustomed to? After all, I had already seen what happened to people when a man or a woman was cheated on. I knew what happened to others when their perspectives and beliefs were destroyed. The symptoms were always the same.


1st: There was disbelief, but they would continue to argue on.

2nd: They could only understand what was already within the spectrum of their experiences.

3rd: They would avoid you because they would think you, the informative dreamer, to be crazy.

4th: They would fight you.

5th: They would go insane and act insanely.


I was already thinking I was insane. But I knew that the other dreamers had asked the same questions at least once in their existence. I knew that all entrepreneurs of business were ridiculed and a great many became more powerful through quitting the indoctrinations of the schools systems and such forth. I also knew that if I didn't figure this out - I would die in my dreams and forever be manipulated.


So who was pulling the strings?

Who are the dream makers?

Why was I living in my head with a retarded ego that could only see the past and believe only the illusions of those past experiences?


I started with the most popular text that Dreamers followed in the location that I was in. I started with the Bible.

The word Bible, I discovered, means collection of books. I guess that is why they placed the word holy.

I learned that the it was originally written in Aramaic.

My search lead me to find an interesting fellow by the name of Erico Rocco. As it turns out, he is an ordained minister, international lecturer and author. He studied for 10 years with Dr. George M. Lamsa Th.D (1890-1975). During this time he had to learn the teaching of the bible in the original language orally. He was not allowed to take down notes. At least not until he understood it fully. Dr. Lamsa was a renowned Assyrain Biblical scholar and translator of the Holy Bible from the Ancient Eastern Text.

The land Dr. Lamsa lived in was well versed and fluent in the Aramaic language. He was force to flee his country during and invasions and was forced to make his way into the corporate world. As his fate would have it, he found himself working in a printing press where there he found a strange book being readily reproduce. That book was the "Holy Bible" king James version. As doctor Errico explains, Dr. Lamsa was horrified to see how the words and much of its meaning was manipulated.

Dr Lamsa then decided to spend time reconstructing the correct translations of the Bible. It took him a little over 20 years to correct it and have it published.

Sure enough the Worshiped Dreamers within religion stood against him and began to create havoc.

I now understand why dreamers have a hard time accepting change. As in ancient times Dr. Lamsa took upon an apprentice called Dr. Errico Rocco.

I came to meet such a dreamer and he shared with me his discoveries.

I remember him telling me a story about being on a airplane with another dreamer who asked him about his profession. Dr. Errico ignored the dreamer and continued to work on while on the flight. The dreamer then asked him again. So Dr. Errico Rocco, explained in very few words about his profession.

The dreamer then told Doctor Rocco, "I don't believe in God."

Dr. Rocco ignored the comment.

The dreamer then repeated, "I don't believe in God."

Dr. Rocco ignored the comment once again.

The dreamer then repeated, "did you hear me? I said I don't believe in God."

Dr. Rocco turned to the dreamer and said, "It hasn't seemed to bother Him, this long. So what makes you think it is going to bother him now?"

This statement reminded me of the child that introduce me to the wonderful learning device with read, "How do you keep a dummy interested? Turn the Card over."

Once again 1+1=2. It was the same formulation, only this time the dreamer man was the card by saying, "I don't believe in God. Turn the card over."

Dr Errico, at the request of the other dreamer continued to explain his findings. They became friends on the flight and there was one more individual educated and possible on his way to understand the dream and it's snares and controls.

Dr. Errico explained that much was lost in translations due to the lack of understanding of how the Semitic context of culture, language, idioms, symbolism, mystical style, psychology, and literary amplification—the Seven Keys that unlock the Bible—are essential to understanding this ancient spiritual document.

There were over 20,000 errors in the Bible among which I found the word "Sin" was missing.

The word sin originally was the word "Materialism".

No my formula was working once again.

If there is no "sin"

There is no good or bad

Then there is no need for punishment

No punishment reduces fear and guilt

No fear then releases control

No control release the ties to government and religion

No government and religious control

No control and you become sovereign

Sovereignty then would mean that there would be freedom.


  1. Our Father who is everywhere
  1. Your name is sacred.
  1. Your kingdom is come.
  1. Your will is throughout the earth
  1. even as it is throughout the universe
  2. You give us our needful bread from day to day,
  1. And you forgive us our offenses
  1. even as we forgive our offenders.
  1. and you let us not enter into materialism.
  1. But you separate us from error.
  1. Because yours are the kingdom, the power and the song and praise.
  1. From all ages, throughout all ages.
  1. (Sealed) in faith, trust and truth.

Line 1. uses the words everywhere. That is to say that our father is in the rock, in the air, in space, in time in every individual cells, in every breath and in every person you encounter. I understand then that I am the Father and you are the Father and the bird in the tree is the Father. This again satisfies the formulation 1+1=2.

Line 4. Your kingdom is come. Means it is already hear. "is come" not will be Coming" also it is not meaning that "has come". This also satisfies the equation from the some of the Worshiped Dreamers where it is only now understood that all time is occurring at the same time. Time is like a movie you can fast forward and rewind with one of those scientific devices found in your living room. So the word "is" means "now" in the present. Again 1+1=2

Line 5. Explains that the will (something to be explained) is already through the Earth, meaning all of the Earth. This would also satisfy the equation if Father is in all things, then it would make sense that so is will.

Line 6. Again further expands on the absoluteness of the Universe as he and his will is out there as well.

Line 8. Is commonly used as trespass, which was changed for the reason of applying war like scenarios since an invasion of a fellow dreamer is considered trespassing. I thought the world should be open to all Dreamers. However, you can see that due to fear and separation and cause for controls the manipulations of such words of understanding were needed.

Line 10. the original key word "materialism" is here instead of the guilt ridden word "Sin" How can you punish materialism. That would mean that tithing would be a bad thing and have a car and home. Even your body I a material manifestation of the dream. Did you know that King James added the tithing so he could build an army? Taxing God, the father, how interesting? If the word Sin would have been removed there would only be misunderstanding and confusion. If there is no Sin then there would be no evil, guilt, and there would only be agreements. Hence you could have as many wives or husbands as you would like as long as everyone were living in agreement. Even what we term murderers would have God inside of them. If this is correct then…

Line 11: … then this line would make perfect sense. Again we see that 1+1=2. since you cannot punish error, you could only correct it. The only items that can be corrected would be that of "error". However, the manipulated texted uses the word "evil". Did you know that the original meaning of Demon

For other uses, see Demon (disambiguation).



Here is a depiction of St Anthony plagued by demons, as imagined by Martin Schongauer in the 1480s.

Demons have bee associated with the supper natural within the religion and mythology and folklore created and carried through by the Christians and Catholics. In other words more fear mongering.

However, the original connotation was of the Greeks. The Greeks understood the word demon as to be neutral.

In ancient Near Eastern Religions, Abrahamic traditions, including the ancient and medieval Christians, a demon was considered an unclean sprit, which was able to cause demonic possession. This possession was controlled and the sole property of the licensed Catholic Priests right of Exorcism and soon followed by Christians.

However, the original word daimon does not carry the negativity we have come to understand in the wide spread of Christian beliefs

In religion and mythology, occultism and folklore, a demon (or daemon, daimon; from Greek δαίμωνdaimôn) is a supernatural being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit; however, the original neutral connotation of the Greek word daimon does not carry the negative one that was later projected onto it, as Christianity spread.

In Ancient Near Eastern religions as well as in the derived Abrahamic traditions, including ancient and medieval Christian demonology, a demon is considered an "unclean spirit" which may cause demonic possession, to be addressed with an act of exorcism. In Western occultism and Renaissance magic, which grew out of an amalgamation of pagan Greco-Roman, Jewish and Christian tradition[citation needed], a demon is considered a spiritual entity that may be conjured and controlled. Many of the demons in literature were once fallen angels, however there are many that say that they are born-forged from Hell itself.[citation needed]

Pasted from <>

I have come several understanding in my journey as of now.

1+1=2, this would explain all the "exception to the rules", I was discovering.

Another area I found this very same problem was when dreamer children lied about something. Quickly, to the trained Dreamer could see that the dreamer child's reasoning structure was incomplete leaving more question that did not fit the statements made.

Unfortunately for the Trained Dreamer, the "it takes one to know one" rule seems to applies. It takes a liar to know a liar. How sad and confusing this dream and these illusions have become.







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